Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fourth Tier Dean Explains Why You Should Attend His Law School

I hope the admitted applicant did due diligence before turning in his deposit to Hamline and found the law scam blogs in time to save him from his demise. The applicant sure as heck won't get the truth by asking Hamline admissions why the school is ranked in the fourth tier and the actual number of Hamline graduates who find jobs that will pay off their $33,022/year tuition.

In March, I wrote a post entitled, Why Are You Taking the Bar Exam?, and included an interview featuring students from Hamline Law and other third and fourth tier Minnesota law schools who had not secured a job after graduation. One Hamline Law grad even admitted that he was contemplating going back to school to get an accounting degree. You know, something that will actually help him find a job. Here is the video again:

The Hamline dean is correct in one respect when he tells the admitted applicant that "unless you're considering an elite law school within the top 20, your success as a student and professional will not depend on the pedigree of your law diploma". It won't matter because most students outside of the top 20 will never find a lucrative career in the law. People who graduated from top 20 law schools can't even find jobs anymore. Second tier, third tier, fourth tier - they are all toilet schools. Not only are these schools a bad investment but they can actually destroy your chances of getting a lucrative job in another field. Hopefully this admitted applicant and others will come to this realization before they send in their tuition check this summer.


  1. Happy Law Day!!

    In the spirit of random protests on May Day, I call for some people to join me in boycotting this site for one week in hopes that there will be no more of the green underline advertisements. They're quit annoying.

  2. Thanks for the link, HardKnocks! In sum, the 2010-2011 FT tuition bill at the following Minnesota toilet of law: (a) William Mitchell, $33,800; (b) Hamline, $33,022; and (c) at TTThoma$ Mengler's commode, Univer$iTTTy of $TTT. TTThoma$ $chool of Law, $36,022.

    A total of 830 JDs lined up to take the Minnesota bar exam in July 2009. (How many more took the state bar exam in February?)

    The Minnesota market simply cannot sustain an additional 750-900 lawyers EACH year. Look up the bar passage rate for this state. Pretty much anyone can pass this exam.

  3. Passing the bar is easy if you study the right way. Thousands of new lawyers enter the market all looking for the same jobs, of which there are very few. Last week, I got offered a doc review job for $13 / hour with no benefits, 15 hours per week! At least it pays my bar tab a few nights at the clubs.

  4. On an hourly basis I made more before going to law school than I have in the 8 years since. And law firms generally have no retirement, horrible vesting/matches on the 401ks, and limited benefits that they charge you for.
    65 hours a week for 85k (2010) or 40 hours a week for 55k (55k in 2000)...

    It really hits home when my hard working friends/family are buying boats and second homes. I don't know what to do.



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