Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Will Lost End?

Tonight is the end of Lost! It's an end of an era and I don't know if there will be another new Scifi show that can fill the void I'll have after tonight. There were a few disappointments. I wish the writers had spent more time explaining the Others and the Dharma Initiative rather than the alternative time line. But all in all, Lost was a great show and will likely deliver an incredible finale that will satisfy the majority of its fans. How will the series end? Will the remaining candidates kill Fake Locke and save the island or will the alternative time line win out? Post your theories and comments about the show.


  1. I predict that Hurley will still be fat.

  2. Haha. I think that is the biggest mystery of Lost. How can someone still be overweight living on an island with little food other than boar, mango, and leftover canned food from the 1970s Dharma Initiative.

  3. Can I be the first to say, what the hell was that????
    So, they all died in the crash?

  4. Angel, the ending was a tearjerker but a bit confusing and left a ton of unanswered questions. I think the Alternative Timeline was some sort of purgatory after each Lostie died in order for them to come together at the church and move onto the afterlife or heaven. That's why Jack's father Christian told him in the church that some of the Losties died before Jack and some died after and the church was their meeting place when they all died. Hurley also told Ben that he was a great #2 so I'm assuming that Hurley and Ben ruled the island for a long time until they both died. I'm pretty sure the island timeline was real. I just wish they didn't spend so much of the last season on this alternative timeline just to set up some sort of "happy ending" resolution for the last episode. They could've used that time to explain a lot more mysteries on the island.

  5. In general, I think HK's idea is probably the correct one. That's what I came away with at the end.

    However, for a crazier idea, I'm going to up the ante.

    I'm going to say there are TWO levels of "limbo." The Lost Island being level number 1 and then the sideways being level number 2. Ordinarily, a person who has done good in life would bypass the two levels and go straight to heaven. But, since Jack (and others) had to redeem themselves in some way, they headed off to Limbo #1. They redeem themselves in various ways, but each die in Limbo #1 at different times. In order for them to arrive at Heaven together, they are then sent to Limbo#2 where they can "meet up" and then decided to leave together. That's my theory #2. lol.

    As for the sideways timeline being a waste, I actually enjoyed it. Quite frankly, I thought the whole actually leaving the island, then coming back, then time travelling, was the waste. It could've went from season 2 or 3 direct to season 6 (with some modification to make it flow) and I feel like that would've been better. Just my opinion.



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