Monday, May 3, 2010

Urban Dictionary's Take on "Document Review"

"Document Review" is a term that we throw around here on BIDER pretty often.  I guess I take it for granted that my readers know what it means.  I shouldn't assume that.  0Ls have no idea how mind numbing it is.  Document review is truly the modern day sweatshop a la Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle".  But Urban Dictionary puts it better when it says that "Document Review" is:

the fate of attorneys who don't graduate from the top 14 schools or in the top 10% of their class if they are outside of the top 14 schools. you click on legal database software for 12 hours a day without being allowed to take breaks. it is a dead end job with no benefits or chance of advancement. most law students are blissfully unaware that this world even exists, but once they graduate, they become slaves to the doc review mill.

A position for attorneys that is not as good as being a BigLaw Associate or a federal court clerk, but is infinitely better and more interesting than working in insurance defense. Pays better, too.
BigLaw is Heaven. Document review is Purgatory.  Insurance defense is the 7th Circle of Hell.

A miserable existence on Earth. Hell. Usually leads to suicide.  Document review is the 2nd circle of hell.

Yah, that sums it up.  They forgot to mention the carpal tunnel syndrome that you inevitably develop from repetitive motions.

I kinda like the third one.  What do you think?


  1. Insurance defense rocks. I would much rather do insurance defense than doc review. Of course, it would all depend on the firm.

  2. At least, Jurgis Rudkus wasn't strapped down with piles of non-dischargeable student loan debt. He could walk away from his terrible jobs.

    Also, I had classmates at Third Tier Drake who ended up doing insurance defense - and I am talking about people who graduated top 5 in the class, i.e. top 3 percent!! So much for excelling at a third tier commode, huh? Many others simply went back to the prior fields of work.

  3. All we can do is continue to put the message out there by bombarding the internet with the reality of what's in store for these 3T & 4T law students upon graduation. Keep up the good work!



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