Thursday, February 7, 2013

All's Good on the Homefront!

Well, not really.  But for my for my purposes, it has been.  Nando called me to let me know that Vermont Law laid off some workers.  I know for a fact that my alma mater decreased it's class size by 1/4.  Good stuff.  We started this ball rollin down the Swiss Alps and it's finally demolishing some brick and mortar law schools at the bottom of the hill.
The reality is that we never sought to fix this situation.  The whole "scam blog" movement has been to save some students the grief of attending.  For those idiots that insist they have been too smart and successful in their lives to be destroyed by a tuition the size of a mortgage, we have been of no assistance whatsoever.  I don't care about those kids anyways.  I will kill those kids when I see them in the courtroom.  They are stupid.  They are dense.  They are failures at life.

Then, there are those of whom that will enter document review hell and, likely, never emerge.  For you guys, I  am posting this delightful piece.  Let me know what you think.


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