Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Lost Generation of Scholars Who Did Everything Right.

A comment on the last post alerted me to this insightful Youtube video about a woman who is a Ph.D. and a published author, but cannot get a job.  I've heard that Ph.Ds have it worse than lawyers and it has been that way for a long while.  In any case, parts one and two are worth watching.


Remember that this video was from 2008 and she mentions that lawyers go on to practice jurisprudence, whereas Humanities Scholars go onto wage slavery.  Well, we are about there right now.


  1. Relief and anger that it is not my fault.

    This is like hearing my echo after discovering these blogs last week.

    Thanks again for your advice. I am going to pursue other income opportunities and put law on the back burner.

    best, mark

  2. Uh this woman is obviously her own worst enemy. First, she had the audacity to get married. Second, and even worse, she had the self-privileged notion that she was worthy of passing on her genes. The market place has clearly dictated that because she has no job/salary/value to the monetized system, she is a "loser" who has "earned" her place. Third, the bay?! What's wrong with Alaska?! (*Sidenote, above is said with dripping sarcasm that may not be apparent in the written form)

  3. There are more videos on the same site. It gets worse. You have the professors on food stamps and the professors hoping to break 30K at some point in their lives. The whole youtube site is quite interesting.

  4. I wish we could just get rid of the media, that'd go a long way in fixing a lot of problems.

  5. Why do people these days have a sense of ENTITLEMENT? No one owes you anything! Just because you have a PhD or JD does not mean any employer or society in general owes you a job. I don't understand why people create videos or blogs to complain that they are not getting what is owed to them. Nothing is owed to you, quit complaining!

  6. If you are ever the victim of fraud, I will tell you the same thing. Thanks.

  7. What fraud? You just didn't do due diligence when you were deciding whether to go to law school or not. You studied hard and got you JD diploma which is what these law school promised you. Did these law schools promise you a job?



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