Monday, October 24, 2011

Fucking Ridiculous: Tip of the Day, Decade, Lifetime.

If you are so poor that you need to go to a soup kitchen or a food pantry for meals, you probably shouldn't go to college just yet.

Monday, October 10, 2011

BIDER's Official UN-Endorsement of Herman Cain!

He lost me with these words:

“Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.”

How many of you are doing everything you can and still find that you are "not rich"?  For those of you that feel that the President should have some compassion for those less fortunate than himself, I implore you never to support this fucking joke of a candidate.

Listen here, token black man.  Don't forget where you came from and who you left behind, and stepped on to get where you are.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barbara Boxer Challenges ABA Again!

What does the ABA need to come clean with law students?  A letter from President Obama? A letter from the Pope?

Barbara Boxer wrote a letter to the ABA with specific questions in the last year, and she does it again yesterday.  Apparently, she didn't write the letter just to appease constituents--she wants answers:
Defending Crooked Law Schools Pursuing Profit
"In my two previous letters to your predecessor, I indicated my strong belief that the ABA should ensure that post-graduation employment data provided to prospective law students is truthful and transparent," Boxer wrote. "His responses appeared to indicate a similar interest, but unfortunately it is difficult to square those previous statements with the section's recent decision." 
What decision? She's talking about the ABA's decision not collect data this year about the percentage of new graduates in jobs that require a J.D. and the percentage in part-time jobs.

She sees through your bullshit, suckers!  Answer her, and Senator Grassley's dag gone questions.  I posted Grassley's questions--and it seems that he and Sen. Boxer and tag teaming these bitches, but I will recap here:

1. Does the American Bar Association compile data on the number of schools which offer scholarships to more students than can statistically retain those scholarships?

2. If so, how many schools, and how many total scholarships are affected?

3. Does the American Bar Association take these “bait and switch” allegations into account in the accreditation process?

4. Does the American Bar Association maintain data on the dollar amount of merit based scholarships offered each year?

5. If not, does the American Bar Association plan to begin maintaining this information?

6. Does the American Bar Association maintain data on the dollar amount of merit based scholarships that are revoked after the offeree‟s first year of law school?

7. If not, does the American Bar Association plan to begin maintaining this information?

8. Does the American Bar Association publish data on the amount of first-year merit based scholarships in comparison to the amount of non-first-year merit based scholarships?

9. Does the American Bar Association plan to begin maintaining this information?

10. Has the American Bar Association raised concerns with law schools about the practice of awarding more first-year merit based scholarships than they plan to renew?

11. If so, how has the American Bar Association raised this concern?

12. Does the American Bar Association have any education programs that aid students in assessing whether or not they are borrowing more than they can reasonably expect to repay?

13. Does the American Bar Association have a program to ensure borrowers do not-default on their federally-backed student loans?

14. How many law schools has the American Bar Association provisionally accredited during the last 20 years?

15. Does the American Bar Association maintain this information in a publicly accessible database?

16. How many law schools has the American Bar Association fully accredited during the last 20 years?

17. Has the American Bar Association ever revoked provisional or full accreditation during the last 20 years?

18. If so, how many law schools lost their provisional or full accreditation?

19. From 1990 to the present, has the American Bar Association ever placed a law school on probation?

20. If so, which law schools were placed on probation? 23. Did any of these law schools regain full accreditation? 24. If so, within what time period?

21. When examining candidates for membership on the accreditation committee, what efforts does the American Bar Association make to ensure that membership is balanced between legal practitioners and academics?

22. Does the American Bar Association track the professional background of its committee membership?

23. If so, how does the professional background of committee membership break down in percentage format on committees related to the accreditation of law schools?

24. If not, why doesn‟t the American Bar Association track the professional background of committee membership?

25. Does the American Bar Association track the professional background of the officers that approve or revoke provisional or full law school accreditation?

26. If so, how does the professional background of officers that approve or revoke provisional or full law school accreditation break down in percentage format?

27. If not, why doesn‟t the American Bar Association track the professional background of officers that approve or revoke provisional or full law school accreditation.

No wonder they are avoiding the questions.  Obviously, they have to plead the 5th or incriminate themselves.

Enough fucking around.  Let's call for an investigation of the ABA for their complicity in RICO,  their anti-trust violations, consumer fraud, etc.  Heads need to roll before they come clean with their scam to fool our youth into pursuing the empty dream of a fruitful  adequate career as an attorney.

Email Senator Boxer to express your appreciation for her inquiry and to encourage her to keep on keeping on until she gets the answers that we all need to hear.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Law $chool: a Complete Waste of Time and Money

Abraham Lincoln, John Marshall and Strom Thurmond.  What do these great lawyers have in common?   They all became first rate, cream of the crop attorneys without stepping foot in a law school.  They made their place in history by using their legal skills and careers as a foundation for becoming President, a Supreme Court Justice and a United States Senator.  Impressive, right?  How would one become a lawyer without going to law school?  All three apprenticed with other, more experienced lawyers (also called "Reading Law") to become a lawyer.  So, long story short, the best way to fix law school is by eliminating it as a requirement to sit for the bar, and harkening back to those days when working as an apprentice attorney was enough.

I'm not saying that we must close all law schools down. What I propose is that we allow people to apprentice for a few years, even without pay, then sit for the bar exam.  If they pass, spectacular.  If they don't, they may have suffered without pay for three years--but at least they didn't pay for thee years of tuition to do it.

And for those students of the law who suffer from delayed adolescence (a/k/a "fear of the real world"), the law schools should be available to "prepare" you for the bar exam.  And to that point, the law schools will have to reform vastly to do this very basic task.  Currently, you attend law school for 3 years for $120K, then you must pay an additional $3525.00 for a review course or you won't pass on what you learned in law school alone.  Oh,  you weren't aware?  The law review class that you take after law school better prepares you for the bar exam than any of the classes you took in law school.  And this is coming from someone who strictly took "bar" classes.   I'm sure that you have run across people who "studied by themselves."  From what I've seen, those people fail more often than not.  So, under my model, to stay open--law schools will have to more closely resemble Barbri. Or even better, you can skip law school all together and just take Barbri and apprentice with someone.

Am I being harsh?  I don't think so.  When it comes down to it, you're not paying law schools to prepare you for the bar exam--Barbri does that.  You aren't paying law schools to help you find a job--they certainly don't do that.  You're paying for the experience--which is extremely grueling by the way.  I certainly didn't have any fun.  Did you?  So, that leaves us with paying a law school large sums of money so that you don't have to go out into the world and earn money.  My guess is, if capitalism were allowed to reign free, the schools who don't provide the sought after service, a career in the law, will either come down in price or close.  The others will improve their programs and produce better attorneys than any apprenticeship program can.

So, if you're so inclined (i.e. idiotic) to pay for law school under my new-if-Angel-ruled-the-world-model, feel free.

In case you were wondering, the "Reading Law" way to becoming an attorney is still available in a handful of states:  California, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming and Washington.  Let's reverse the trend of eliminating it as an option and bring it back as the primary way of becoming an attorney.

I have been accused of being a liberal many times.  Nothing can be farther from the truth. I believe that there should be as many options as possible for citizens.  I believe that the government should not subsidize or provide assistance to students seeking student loans.  I believe that the inflation in tuition is a direct result of government programs designed to educate Americans.  I believe that banks should bear the risk in lending money to students who choose worthless degrees.  And when they loan  money to someone with a worthwhile degree, they should charge a substantial amount of interest.  Lastly, I believe that all Americans should be entitled to bankruptcy--as it's just as much the creditor's fault as it is the debtors.  Both parties should live with the consequences of their foolhardy decisions.

Lastly, I very strongly hold that college education should not be a requirement to finding a professional job, and that college has become the new high school--since high school so ill prepares our youth to enter the work force.

In short, our unique blend of capitalism with socialist infusions of government guaranteed money is more evil and more detrimental than capitalism or socialism, or even communism, alone.  All that we have achieved is plenty of welfare for the rich, and nothing comparable for the poor.  We will all be masters or wage slaves at the end of the day, choose your path wisely.  And try walking your path with a crowd.  Makes the trip a bit easier.  See you out there for the big protest on October 6, 2011!

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Monday, October 3, 2011

Media Coverage of Occupy Wall Street has been Piss Poor.

I am so frustrated with the Media's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Protests.  If you're a normal dope-- you watch evening news for a few minutes, read the free paper on the subway and you're in the dark as to what these people want... these tattooed, bridge blocking, hippies...
The news commentary has been horrid.  The liberals are like the tea party, but without leadership. There's no clear list of demands.  We're not certain if this will become a political party or not.  Bullocks!  It's clear as day what they want.  And if I see one more of my Facebook book soon-to-be-ex-friends postamessage about how those "occupy wall street losers need to quit it," I will go postal.  EVERYONE I KNOW HAS STUDENT LOAN DEBT.  We're all losers in varying degrees and these hippies (and I've seen them, they're so not) are sticking their heads and necks out for us.
Remember that petition I wanted you to sign?  That's part of this movement. They want Educated Indentured Servitude dealt with because it's one of the many symptoms of Corporate Greed.

So, stop looking down on these people and take up a sign and join them. I did last week and it was invigorating.  Here's a small blurb on the issue.  You really need to know what this is about and if you don't hear it from me, you'd go to the grave engulfed in your ignorant, holier than though bliss. 
Please report back if you grew a set of balls and decided to fight for you own cause rather than leaving it to others far more brave than you.


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