Sunday, May 2, 2010

Frontline Exposes For-Profit College Scam

Be sure to watch this on your local PBS station.

Frontline Press Release:
Higher education is a $400 billion industry fueled by taxpayer money. One of the fastest-growing--and most controversial--sectors of the industry is the for-profit colleges and universities. Unlike traditional colleges that raise money from wealthy alumni and other donors, many for-profit schools sell shares to investors on Wall Street. But what are students getting out of the deal? Critics say a worthless degree and a mountain of debt. Proponents insist they're innovators, widening access to education. FRONTLINE follows the money to uncover how for-profit universities are transforming the way we think about college in America.


  1. Jesus christ it's about fucking time people started to go, Is this a good idea? College is the new high school...except college didn't cost our parent's generation tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  2. The new high school? High school actually got you a job back then, and didn't cost you money to attend.

    What the hell is law school? An expensive private grade school?

  3. People need to see past the non-profit/for-profit distinction. It's all the same. There are thousands and thousands of "educational leaders" who are lining their pockets through the insanely-high tuition payments that students must shell out in order to attend their institutions of "higher learning." And whether the schools is for-profit or non-profit makes little difference.

    For whatever reason, people think that non-profit means that the folks who run schools are working for free or something. All of those cats make hundreds of thousands of dollars (and plenty are making millions).

    Everyone intuitively realizes that for-profit schools are swindling folks for the most part, but what most people can't seem to grasp is that the non-profit schools are part of the worst racket in modern US history!

    That is the documentary/expose that needs to be seen/heard by the masses.

  4. Many schools are in business for just one reason: to suck up student loan money. Millions of students graduate each year from beauty school, automatic transmission school, security guard school, etc with 30-40 thousand dollars in student loan debt. This is inexcusable.

  5. Anon @ 10:22: I can't wait to see a documentary which exposes the non-profit schools and even the "elite" schools for swindling millions of dollars. If someone could get the actual employment stats of the "top 100" colleges and grad schools from the last 3 years, Frontline or another investigative news org could blow the lid wide open on the entire educational industrial complex.

  6. a couple of you are so ignorant and full of BS, I am actually amazed. The For-profit education sector steals money from the government (meaning ALL OF US AS TAXPAYERS) and then spends 25% of it on advertising and then half of that in actually "educating" the student. Too bad the students are no-shows because they recruit people who should not be in secondary education in the first place. I know we are all created equal in this country, but being solely idealistic is laughable, there is a large percentage of population who are just not going to be white-collar professionals. no matter how hard they try, a college degree (worthless already as UOP degree is), will not help them succeed.

    BTW, who takes UOP degrees seriously anyway?

  7. Hi,

    If any readers of this blog attended a for-profit college in the Chicago area and our willing to be quoted in a newspaper article, please give me a call. I have plenty of interviews with CEOS of these schools, but no actual students.

    Kate McCann
    Education Reporter
    The SouthtownStar
    P:(708) 633-5960
    F:(708) 633-5999

  8. You all miss the bigger points of the education business: what would you do with all the 18-26 year olds that have no jobs and would be unemployed and unoccupied? Second, students are the perfect american consumer: they buy something with no intrinsic value and with no real effort necessary to manufature while employing others as professsors adn administration, which at the end is completely disposable.

  9. You should look at Premier Education Group for scams. From admissions lies to Financial Aide fraud, this school tops them all. First hand knowledge as a former employee

  10. HEY,

  11. Intercoast College is a rip off the drug and alcohol course is taught by teachers who are using drugs and the main teacher died of a drug overdose. NICE ...



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