Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Welcome the Tweens to the Legal Industry.

John Grisham, a famous writer of fictional novels about the legal industry that glorify it tremendously, has decided to reach out to tweens and encourage them to join our hell, otherwise known as the legal world.  The book is entitled "Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer" and here's the basic premise:
...Like the writer who created him, Boone has an unusual fascination with the legal system. The only child of two busy lawyers — one a divorce attorney, the other specializing in real estate — he has a dog named Judge and spends his free time at the local courthouse. His interest in the law is so well known that classmates seek him out for legal advice and judges make special accommodations to speak with him. Boone even scores prime seats at the local murder trial in which a husband stands accused of killing his wife.
Geez.  Is he serious?  This will definitely push more kids into becoming lawyers.  So, the flood continues.  

On the train yesterday, I came across a couple of college students who were complaining about the unavailability of paid internships.  So, I butted in and asked their majors and, sure enough, one was a Poli-Sci major.  I begged her not to go to law school.  BEGGED.  She said, "But I can only qualify for entry level positions that don't pay well."  I said, "The only difference between you post-college and you post-law school, is that you won't even qualify for that."  I think I got my point across.  

Now, I've got to keep my eyes open for tweens contemplating law school.  This doesn't get any easier, does it?  What next?  A children's book????

So, when is the movie coming out?


  1. What kind of a fucking asshole tries to remake Encyclopedia Brown as a lawyer?! Encyclopedia Brown had actual, useful skills like logical reasoning and unbiased observation. What's Theodore Assclown Boone's special abilities? Drowning out opponents with document requests? Winning trials with procedural technicalities? Correctly pronouncing obscure legal jargon/latin phrases?

    Also, speaking of continuity...Does Theodore grow up to become the jaded ex lawyer Rudy Baylor from The Rainmaker who quits the profession entirely after absconding with client funds?

  2. hey i wasn't sure what blog post to put this in since its off topic for this particular entry, but I wanted to share. On CNN, there was a video of a student who graduated from NYU (undergrad, just undergrad)and has 275,000 in student loans to repay. I'm like OMG! I hope the link works.


  3. LOL. This story sounds hilarious and completely unrealistic. Does anyone else see something wrong with allowing a child to sit in on a murder trial that sounds like OJ Simpson redux? Does a little boy really need to know the details of how a man sliced and diced his wife?

  4. Is the kid's name Cody Banks?



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