Friday, May 14, 2010

Wall of Shame: Does Med Mal Make Attorneys Crazy?

This is a gem of a story.  A Texas Medical Malpractice attorney with 25 years of experience is arrested for attempting to kill a census worker with a shotgun who wouldn't get off her property quick enough.

Police say on May 8, Kathleen Gittel, an employee of the U.S. Census Bureau, stopped by Barnes' Leander home to "make contact with the resident," presumably as part of the bureau's effort to complete a Census count with residents who had not turned in their forms.
Barnes reportedly pointed her gun at Gittel, and then fired the weapon five times as Gittel tried to run. Williamson County Sheriff's Office spokesperson John Foster said none of the bullets hit the census worker.

I wish that was the whole story, because that's certainly enough--but there is so much more.  Carolyn Barnes, 53, once failed to obey an officer during a traffic stop.  She continued to rummage around below her seat contrary to orders and continued to inch her truck up, contrary to orders.  They had to spike her tires to get her to stop.  She was also arrested for assaulting a court officer who told her to keep her knife in the car.  She's a classic. I wish I had someone like this around the courthouse to entertain me.

Following her most recent arrest, Ms. Barnes submitted affidavits and other official looking documents to the press calling the Prosecutor's Office a "criminal street gang" engaged in a "conspiracy" against her her.  That's not crazy.   Actually, I found this little clip on her website which certainly is consistent with her views on the criminal justice system:
We soon realized that our expertise was needed in the area of Constitutional and civil rights violations and the dire need for criminal justice reform, prison reform, and exposure of corruption and abuse in these areas.  We are committed to truth and justice and represent our clients zealously in the area of criminal law.  We do not cut deals or coerce our clients into accepting a plea bargain that is not in their best interest, especially when they are NOT GUILTY.  If you are NOT GUILTY, then you need us more than ever.  

The Prosecutor also mentions that she has been more aggressive in court, interrupting the judge and such. I don't think that's a big deal. I interrupt the judge regularly when they are wrong--which is all the time.

Clearly this woman is suffering from a mental illness. I find it hilarious that she hasn't been disbarred yet.  High caliber attorneys out there in Texas, huh?  Shout out to University of Texas School of Law, Ms. Barnes' alma mater. I'm sure you're proud!


  1. State Bars are okay with crazy. In fact, as long as you do some work on the case and don't steal money you will be fine.

    Why are all the nutjobs religious?

  2. How do you know she is religious?

  3. Her website.

    Lutheran Seminary of the Southwest.Click on her meet us link.

  4. She is a freakin nutty bitch and so is her friend.

  5. She is a liberal.

  6. She's a liberal fruitloop for sure. Don't believe me. Look at page. She says it her self.



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