Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harvard Scammed!

Jokes on you, Ivy League.  Let's start the "I Love Adam Wheeler" Fan Club!

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  1. So that's all it takes to get into Harvard? You simply claim to have a perfect SAT score? I wish the Harvard admissions people worked at Sallie Mae. I could tell them I actually paid them $80K and my law school loan balance should now be $0. Think they'd double check that?

  2. I am more concerned with The Scam perpetrated against the average man, woman and child in this nation by Ivy Leaguers for more than a century. Titans of industry, financing, banking, politics and social engineering have typically come from these elite institutions - or relied on these goons to cover their tracks and make more money at the expense of everyone else.

    Several years ago, someone told me that "the biggest pieces of filth, human waste, come from the Ivy League." Looking back, I can see that he was clearly right.

  3. I agree with Nando. Who cares what or how this kid conned the most elite university in the country? Plenty of legitimate graduates of Harvard have done much worse and dishonest things to this country as CEOs and politicians. It made me angry when I heard how they were talking about this boy on the news. Gasp! A working class kid from a PUBLIC high school conned his way into Harvard. Oh noes! Give me a break. We're always told by our teachers that it doesn't matter how we get into college or where we go, all that matters is what we do once we get there. If Adam Wheeler had stellar grades at Harvard, then he deserves his Harvard diploma. Plenty of his classmates got into Harvard through connections and cheating in high school. Yes, many of the people I knew in high school who ended up at elite universities CHEATED regularly on exams and helped each other cheat. How is that any worse than what Wheeler did?

  4. Well said Hardknocks. This is a clear cut case for jury nullification. I couldn't care less if he is actually guilty of the "crime," there's no way in hell I'd vote to convict.



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