Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Winner of Our Latest Giveaway!

This was really hard. There was mention of several things that I love... goats, cheese, farms, dolls, paintings, photographs, grass and social networking.  I really don't know what to say... I wish I could have picked everyone.  
But I think was the one that stuck out at me... They are the modern day couple.  His wife is making cheese and he is doing freelance graphic design.  They're just a nice couple, trying to make ends meet while maintaining a decent standard of living.  I love that.  
The farmers were a really close second... because of my affinity for pygmy goats.
Henry and his wife are the winners of the postcards--100 free 4x6 glossy, full-color, 2 sided advertising postcards from www.mypostcardprinting.comHere is the winning post:

My wife has started a cheese making business!
I also have started doing freelance graphic design work. 
My wife likes the freedom of staying home and still contributing to the household income!
I love doing freelance work because it lets me be passionate about what I love to do, but still be "picky" on what jobs I take!
Thanks for the chance.
henrysgraphics (at)

I hope you two become the next Muensters... and Pepperjacks.  LOVE it... if you want to send me free cheese at some point, let me know.
Good luck to all of our readers.  Keep your eyes open for more giveaways like this one.  Hardknocks and I want to help our readers get their businesses off the ground!
And give a looksie.  The website is packed with affordable advertising options that are worth exploring.

Henry, let me know if you don't receive a code of some sort. I've already submitted your email address.

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