Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vinny from Jersey Shore is the Smartest of the Bunch!

You may recall that Vinny from Jersey Shore is the "intellectual" of the bunch, with aspirations of law school.  Not anymore.  Well, he's still the intellectual--especially since he has changed his mind about law school and decided to pursue acting.  Since he's already there with one of the most infamous reality shows ever, this is the wisest decision he could have made.  In an interview, he states the reasons why he changed his mind:
I said that if got into Harvard or Yale with my LSAT score, then maybe I’d give up on the reality-TV career, but this was back when the show just started. But I didn’t, obviously. It was good enough to get into a good school, but my score was nowhere near that. But the next day after saying that, all these headlines said “Vinny is going to Yale or Harvard!” When I wanted to go to law school, I didn’t want to really know what lawyers did, and I still didn’t want a lawyer. I just wanted the degree, and that still stands. I think it’s very prestigious to have a law degree. You can go into politics, the FBI, Wall Street. I would never rule that out. But I don’t want to be a lawyer. I have a lawyer now, and I see what he does, and it’s not for me.
The law is as prestigious as Snookie is tall and sexy.  Notice, when a person becomes acquainted with the practice of law--he is often immediately turned off from it.  Take my day, for example.  I had a real estate closing, representing the seller.  It took 6 hours.  We sat there and waited for the bank to approve the funds for 4 of those 6 hours.  Titillating stuff.  I'd much rather be doing "G.T.L. baby. Gym, Tanning, Laundry"--The Situation.

I guess, if he changes his mind, he can always pull a Jerry O'Connell and attend a TTT.


  1. I bet it irks many TTT and T14 grads that Mike "The Situation" will make more in 2010 ($5M) than they ever will in their entire careers, with no debt load or without signing your life away to the devil.

    GTL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Law School

  2. Have you seen the show? He did in fact sell his life to the devil. Lawyers sold their life to the devil AND sallie mae

  3. He does not need a high LSAT to get into Harvard or Yale. He just needs to apply as a half white Chicano lesbian.

  4. ha, you are too funny!!! point well made.

  5. Hey, Angel and Hardknocks, did you read about this a$$hole professor named Todd Henderson from the University of Chicago Law school?? He wrote a blog post about how "bad" things are for him financially, even though he and his wife (an oncologist) make more than 250k/year. He's whining that he still has student loans to pay, but the ba$tard worked for Kirkland & Ellis before joining the faculty of one of the top five law schools in the US. He graduated in 1998 - he should have had those paid off by now. I only make 50k/year and I could have my law school loans paid off if I wanted to but I am too afraid because then I would have no savings. He is appalling. Please spread the word about this douche bag - whining about how "bad" he has it when there are so many attorneys underemployed, unemployed or temporarily employed and in REAL student loan debt. I hope he gets fired.

    He pulled his post down but it's cached here:

  6. WSJ coverage of We are the super rich.



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