Thursday, September 16, 2010

Should I Be Insulted?

The scambloggers are gaining in power and recognition.  The AmLaw Daily wrote an article about all of the scam blogs that are popping up on the Internet:
Malan spoke with the authors behind blogs like First Tier Toilet, Third Tier Reality, Esq. Never, and The Jobless Juris Doctor about the employment prospects for students outside the country's top eight law school, as well as student loan debts reaching six-figures for some graduates.
And that's just scratching the surface. The Am Law Daily had a quick look at more than a dozen similar blogs out there, such as Exposing The Law School Scam, Highest Education, Legal Nihilist, Outside Lies Magic, Rose Colored Glasses, Scammed Hard!, Shilling Me Softly, Subprime JD, Tales of the Fourth-Tier Nothing and, dare we say, Fluster Cucked. No doubt there are countless others.
Ya.  There are others, like BIDER!  What the eff?  So peeved.  I know that we have readers.  What gives? I want a little recognition!!!!
New England College School of Law professor Bill Childs, who told Malan he follows blogs that decry the law school experience as a scam, doesn't take offense to what they're saying, but also doesn't think that law schools are fraudsters.
"Law school is not the best idea for everyone in the world," Childs said. "Some of these blogs are coming from an honest place and are saying, 'Think about your choices carefully.' I can't argue with that. I think that's good."
Yah.  You better believe that it's good.  We are exposing the dark side of a higher education.  Someone has to do it.  Just call me Geraldo Rivera.

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  1. Don't be insulted Angie, your blog is great (it's my favorite).

    I think the reasons are purely superficial, i.e. how the names sound to the readers. They want provocative, aggressive, and/or vulgar names. "But I Did Everything Right!" just sounds kind desperate and self-pitying compared to, say, "fluster cucked" or "scammed hard" and the others they explicitly referenced to a lesser extent.

    I understand the reason for the name. You did the "right thing" i.e. you stayed in school, kept your nose clean, went to a tier 1 law school, and 10 years later you're still barely making ends meet. It's the opposite of what our parents and all the "mature adults" out there told you.



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