Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Unified Front in the War Against the Education Scam!

One of the criticisms we scambloggers often receive is that we are not unified, therefore our voice is somehow limited by the size of our individual blog audiences.  However, since Kimber from Shilling Me Softly came out of hiding, she has been working hard to get a centralized website together for us to all post on. It's called Down by Law.  Please check it out.  We have a forum on there--intended to be a place where your voice can be heard without censorship (cough, cough, NOT Top Law  We just started, so it's still a baby blog.  Hopefully, it will get bigger and gain steam. We will continue to post on BIDER though, because that's my baby.


  1. Eventually people will unite against a common enemy, whether it's real or imagined. But for now, the right simply wants to cut education, while the left wants it to be "free". The blogs really are divided by culture and politics.

    Personally, I'd like to eliminate gravity and have free infinite energy. It makes as much sense.

  2. Search engine optimization will be bad for Down By Law because its a new domain name.

    You should keep the domain name for one of the scamblogs that have been up for a while to avoid Google's probationary period.



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