Thursday, September 30, 2010

Legal Career Ended by Reality TV (I'm not talking about my addiction to Housewives of DC either)

Last week, I posted about Vinny--a reality t.v. star from Jersey Shore who decided to pass on the legal career, in favor of a career in acting.  Since he is already a "star"in some sense, I think it is a wise decision.  What about an attorney who ends her prestigious legal career for the shot at becoming a reality star?
A Brooklyn district attorney was forced to resign this week after her appearance on the TV reality show “The Apprentice” began to interfere with her day job. “Obviously, how can I be in a courtroom now, at least while the show is airing?” Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy, who mostly prosecutes the offenders for misdemeanors in Criminal Court.

Ms. Saeidi-Azcuy didn't want to quit her job, but it became hard to voir dire a jury:
She never told her bosses that she was taking two months off to record the show, apparently hoping that they would never see her mix it up with Donald J. Trump on their televisions once the show was broadcast. And her plan would have worked, if it hadn’t been for the jurors on her cases, who do watch Mr. Trump and began to recognize her after just two appearances on the show.

So, I know that The Apprentice this season is focusing on victims of the recession.  I realize that The Apprentice is about getting a job with Mr. Trump--but it's a little nutty that she resigned from a job that many BIDER readers would murder for.  Come to think of it, why the hell is she on the show anyways?  Well, according to her bio, she's the only breadwinner in her home.  I'm willing to place a bet that her hubby is a Brooklyn Law Grad as well, and consequently unemployed.

Look!  I was right!
In Saeidi-Azcuy's case, her husband works pro bono, so they're forced to live on just one income.
So, shouldn't he be on the show and not her?  Now they will both be out of work, unless she gets that job working for Mr. Trump.  I guess she can always try to be the new Kim Kardashian--the lawyer edition.

Thanks tipster!  You're the best.


  1. Mahsa is an unprofessional psycho nut job and it's surprising she even had a job. I watched the first episode where she went ape shit in Trump's boardroom. Honestly, if she acted that way in the courtroom, any judge would and should hold her in contempt. I've seen it happen to lawyers for less.

  2. Yep. she is. Isn't it obvious?

  3. Whatever. She's fat. Ewww.

  4. It was my impression that this season of the Apprentice was for unemployed victims of the recession.She let it slip more than once that she actually has a job..She should be disqualified!



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