Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is It Wrong That I'm a Bit Jealous of Dr. Chang's Son?

So your mom gets arrested for grand larceny and forgery, but at least your law school education is paid for.  That's looking at the bright side of things for Dr. Cecilia Chang's family.  Oh yah, mom's case can be the first pro bono case that the son takes on. He can afford to do it with no debt.

Apparently, she was a fundraiser for St. John's University who would travel the world in pursuit of dollar bills.  She managed to secure a donation for this very Catholic School from the very Muslim Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.  From that, she pocketed $250,000 which she used to pay for her son's law school education, casino trips, Victoria's secret and shopping sprees.  In actuality, she probably only spent $50,000 on her and the remainder on her son.  But she's going to the big house for it anyway.  Go Mom!  Where can I sign up for that job?


  1. This reminds me of a lady who worked at NYU's bursars office for 20 years and had embezzled over $5 million dollars. The lady embezzled the money over the course of a dozen years, retired, purchased a nice home in Florida and lived there for 5 years before being brought up on criminal charges. Professors that use travel vouchers to travel abroad abuse their privileges, always flying first class and staying in 5 star hotels with minibar privileges. And who pays for it? The school with the student's (or the federal government more accurately) tuition dollars. Higher education is the most legitimized scam on earth.

  2. The government pulls this same stuff too, except it's with tax payer money. The founding fathers KNEW this would happen and that's why they didn't want the government to have much power. There weren't even income taxes until just several decades ago.

    Jefferson also hated banks and corporations. These men were brilliant and knew that abuse would happen and people would screwed over. It's just human nature, rich people get rich by screwing everyone else over and of course they themselves will never adhere to the alleged "morals" they shame the general public with. And the only way really into these fields is to be part of the rich class. So it is pretty predictable.

  3. St. John's law school is a very pre$TTigiou$$ in$TTiTTuTTion. Check it out:

    "Average Indebtedness for Members of the Class of 2009: Thanks to a commenter on this site, we can take a look at the average indebtedness for recent law grads. According to US News, the average indebtedness for $TT. John'$ Univer$iTTy $chool of Law Class of 2009 JDs who incurred law school debt was $107,137!! We can also see that 85 percent of this toilet's graduating class went into debt for law school.

    Law School Faculty/Admin Compensation: Head over to page 36 of this PDF. This is the university’s 2009 Form 990. Andrew J. Simons currently “serves” the sewer of law as “vice president emeritus” – whatever the hell that is. In this capacity, he made $333,098 in TOTAL COMPENSATION in 2008. Dean of the commode, Mary C. Daly “earned” $595,459 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for 2008. Yes, the dean of the 72nd best law school in the land made a shade under $600K. Who says “higher education” isn’t a racket?!?!"



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