Monday, September 27, 2010

Tom M. Cooley Hall of Shame! Go Team...

Hate to poke fun at Tom Cooley School of Law, but they make it so easy.  Every school has its notable graduates.  A tipster told me about two of them: Nazhy Buck and Lloyd Johnson.  Okay, so I'm overstating it. It's not really about notable graduates.  And it's not even about being notable, it's about gossip.  Nazhy Buck, according to her profile on the website on of the Center for Ethical Solutions where she is an intern, has a very impressive resume:
Nahzy Buck is a freelance Farsi linguist and educator, having most recently worked as a Research Translator for the Dari Translation Project at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009. Among her other positions, Nahzy was an Intelligence Analyst for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in Ottawa, Canada. She taught as an adjunct Professor of Persian Language and Culture in the Department of Iranian Studies at Hankuk University (University of Foreign Studies) in Seoul, South Korea, for five years. She was also an adjunct Professor of Middle East History at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. A native speaker of Persian (Farsi), Nahzy also has a command of written Arabic, which is uncommon for native speakers of Persian. She received her Master’s degree in International Relations from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, and has legal training from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, with a focus on constitutional law and civil rights. She has long been an advocate of religious minority rights, especially with regard to the plight of the Baha’is in Iran who, among other things, have been barred from access to university education for the past 30 years by government policy.
Wow.  Cooley should be proud.  But, wait!  She didn't graduate from Cooley.  She actually sued Cooley for expelling her from law school when she has a disability.  She lost that law suit.  Poor lady.  It's really not her fault.  She's obviously very intelligent.  Her husband, also a Cooley Grad, is a professor at MSU.  And her son is the youngest student to ever attend MSU.  However, as we discussed earlier, Tom Cooley has a notoriously low curve (2.0 to 2.4).  So, judge Ms. Buck as you may, she's evidence that some people are doomed to fail.  Including highly intelligent and accomplished people.

The second bit of juicy gossip is really sad, actually.  The author of this blog, Lloyd Johnson, graduated from Tom Cooley in 1989.  And, in 2010, he was murdered by his wife.  She was charged with murder and the unauthorized practice of Medicine--of all things.  Apparently, she had bloody tissue in her fridge.  Wow. Macabre!  
...Johnson had an open wound from an old injury that required attention.
Home healthcare providers had been hired, but Johnson was far too dedicated to his work as an attorney to keep the appointments, she said.
So, she treated it herself--killing him?  Not sure.  But it makes me grateful to be a not-so-busy-or-dedicated attorney and still alive.  Right?

I can't make this shit up.
Thanks Tipster!  I hope you make the cut at Tom Cooley!

The manner of death is accidental related to that old open wound from a boating accident,” he said.
Some of the contributing causes of death to the 413-pound Johnson were hypertensive cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, liver cirrhosis and morbid obesity.
Look's like it wasn't murder after all.  It was the lifestyle of an attorney.  :)  Go Cooley!  Thanks Tipster!


  1. Just heard a radio ad today for Cooley, referring to its evening/weekend programs--making law school accessible for ALL.

    The modern JD, now with all the glamor and prestige of a community college certificate. Nice.

  2. "She's obviously very intelligent."

    So long as you ignore the fact that she couldn't get in somewhere better than Cooley, thought going there would be a good idea, and then failed out, yeah, she's -obviously- very intelligent.

  3. Lots of people only get into Cooley and many of those flunk out. I would never say that those people are not intelligent. The school is designed to flunk out many students.

  4. According to the hyperlinks, Buck had a "cognitive processing speed" learning disability and after a third term following two terms of academic probation, flunked out with a 1.43 GPA when she the school wouldn't allow her to reduce her courseload down to two classes. Mmmmmmm... as a client, is that someone you'd want taking your case?
    Should law schools be making such individuals lawyers?
    If her case had succeeded, I wonder if she would have had to advertise to her clients that she has a learning disability. Seems like something a purchaser of her services would want to know.

  5. The TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool is one of the biggest festering toiat lets in the land - and that is saying something.

    The fact that such trash is accredited by the ABA should give you a pretty good indication of how well this association is guarding the doors to the "profession."


  7. "It was the lifestyle of an attorney."

    Truer words have never been written.

  8. Cooley is the best law school in the nation! Why else would we have so many campuses?

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