Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why ScamBloggers Are Important: The Media Isn't Doing Its Job

Angus the English Bulldog knows to run away from student debt. (I love this photo!)

We let the other scambloggers respond to yesterday's NY Times' "news" that legal jobs are being outsourced to India. Angel and I are frankly too tired of being told "news" that we reported many times earlier this year. Just check out our list of links covering Indian outsourcing below:

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I Borrowed This From Another Scamblogger
Stop Legal Outsourcing on Facebook. Join Now!

If things couldn't get worse, I came across the article, 7 Reasons To Go Back To School Now, at the San Francisco Chronicle website. Unless you are a rich retiree in the Bay area with nothing else to do with your millions other than go back to school, for goodness' sake do not listen to this type of advice. Just yesterday, Scammed Hard reported on another one of these types of articles on AOL that listed attorney/lawyer as the #2 job in their list of 10 jobs that paid $50 an hour. Are these writers simply clueless about the state of the nation or are they working for a loan company or for-profit website like Gina Pogol?

None of these articles mention a single thing about debt and the average amount of loans one must take out to get a graduate or professional degree. Do they realize that there aren't enough new jobs being created to match the thousands of new graduates each year or that Paul Krugman and serious journalists are worried about "Japanification" and a lost decade? Do you want to take the risk of taking out $150k in student loans when there aren't any jobs guaranteed by your school or our government when you graduate? A BIDER rule we use a lot here is to not buy things you can't afford because credit cards and student loans are akin to death. A $150k degree counts as something you can't afford without taking out loans for most people. Don't gamble with your future.

And shame on journalists who write shit like this.


  1. At this point, I get tired of hearing myself say "I told you so." I just wish NYT would delve a little deeper to the real story. Remember the garment district in Manhattan? Where is it now? China... that's right. Soon, accountants and financial advisors and everything except manual labor will be done overseas. Ideally, the powers that be would love for Americans just to be consumers. Not possible. Someone has to earn money.

    That dog us fugly. He looks like a slobbering fool. I like dry mouth dogs.

  2. Angus is ugly in a cute way. English bulldogs are the only kind of bulldogs that I like. I also like retrievers.

  3. I prefer cats. But I did graduate from Third Tier Drake, which would make me a Bulldog - the toilet's mascot. (Which makes sense, seeing that dogs tend to drink out of the commode.)

    Angel, your point is so lucid and none of the "policymakers", i.e. gutless, spineless, ball-less wonders who are ripping this country to shreds under the pretense of "doing the people's business", see this. People need to earn money in order to buy more things - especially things they don't need. Even though credit card debt has kept this country afloat for a while, at some point the accountholder needs to pay off his bills. (Okay, this is the United States, so the accountholder needs to AT LEAST make his minimum, monthly payment.)

    They want more illegal immigrants, because it benefits business owners - by pushing the wage structure down in this nation. (And, this does not only affect people working in construction, warehouses, housekeeping, restaurants, and physical labor.)

    The pawns in Congress are there to give *the impression* that someone is awake at the switch. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Who the hell do you think is drafting the legislation, and drumming up support? What else explains permanent MFN status for China (and yes, I am aware that this status does not make China exclusive)? Why do the swine continue to look for ways to expand and expedite "free trade." We cannot compete with foreign workers making $0.60 an hour. But, our "lawmakers" feel that we cannot impose tariffs, to help level the playing field. After all, they don't want to upset their corporate masters.

    And with the US Supreme Crooks on board with political contributions = free speech (apparently, it is FINE if the nation is governed by a few wealthy interests), it will only get worse.

  4. Angel says:

    "Soon, accountants and financial advisors and everything except manual labor will be done overseas. Ideally, the powers that be would love for Americans just to be consumers. Not possible. Someone has to earn money."

    At the moment, the government is able to create economic demand that apparently shouldn't exist through the issuance of a ton of debt.

    Kind of the way that law students are funded. Debt that shouldn't exist is created and law students are put on the hook for the debt.

    So, the entire economy is now functioning like the J.D. economy.

    Think about that one for a few minutes.

  5. Add this to the list, for when lemmings start hearing that "there are no lawyer jobs," they can be lied to with pieces like this:

    and be told that everything is okay!



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