Friday, August 13, 2010

LOST! Unaired Epilogue! SPOILER ALERT!

Okay. This answered quite a few questions for me. What did you think of it?
Thanks BIDER reader (you know who you are) for sending it in. Hardknocks
and I are both HUGE fans!


  1. Thank you for this, Angel! They should have made this the finale ending. I am still very disappointed with the way the series ended. The writers are airing this to make up to all of the fans who were pissed that the alternate ending ended up being the afterlife.

    I loved the show but I felt completely duped by the alternate ending being just some fluffy happy ending where everyone meets up in a church and goes to heaven together. Um, no. That is not what LOST was about and why millions tuned in every week.

    We wanted answers and this epilogue does seem to tie up a few of the many loose ends they left fans with. The writers should have used the alternate reality time to explain the Dharma Initiative and the electromagnetic activity that gave the island healing and time travel abilities. At least this epilogue seems to make up for the writers' huge mistake in wasting so much of the last season on a fake death world.

  2. It's awesome! So, from what I can tell it explains that:
    1) It's the electromagnetic stuff that kills women who are who go through first term gestation on the Island;
    2) Why the polar bear skeleton ended up burried in Tunisia with a Darma collar (that Charlote dug up on one of the flash backs);
    3) Where the food shipments that got parachuted down came from (in teh eppisode where Kate is chasing the horse);
    4) Why the Others ended up killing the Darma guys (because the Darma guys are baaaaaaad).
    Pretty cool.

  3. In case you're wondering, the subtitles are in Turkish.

  4. eh. sorry to say, but as a lost fan, the two clips didn't really do it for me.

    i was never much of a walt fan. i understand he was special and whatnot, but i kinda stopped caring around the walt storyline long ago. it was somewhat intriguing to think that he "conjured up" the polar bears with his magical abilities back in season 1. it was kinda hinted that it could be a possibility that walt was reading a comic book which contained a polar bear and his imagination created it. but that was shown to not be the case since it was the dharma initiative that brought the polar bears to the island. so the second clip was kind of a waste.

    the first clip was okay, though it would have worked just as well if it was only the orientation video by itself, as opposed to ben showing the orientation video. felt like they did that just to randomly insert ben in there so you'd see a familiar "main" character.

    a few questions came to mind:
    - where was the food coming from to supply guam station?
    - what are the island people going to do for food?
    - why even stop the food deliveries? what harm did the deliveries do? i thought that was pointless. once again, just done so that ben could be randomly inserted.

    anyway, whatevs. hooray for LOST, but time to move on. Happy Friday the 13th!!!

  5. the permanent newbieAugust 17, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    OH! I found this by a crazy-roundabout route (beginning at Instapundit) and am SO glad of it! This goes quite a way to restoring the original feel of the show, which drew me in from the first. I agree solidly with you, HardKnocks, that Lost made a serious mistake in switching abruptly from science fiction to pure fantasy in the sixth season (and really, if they HAD to, why not come up with something more original than the traditional, and now deadly dull, Zoroastrian-derived Battle of the Gods of Good and Evil?).

    My daughter and I were loving the "alternate ending," as you call it, and were hoping that the conclusion would turn out to be something like: The island HAD been destroyed back in the past by the nuke our heroes had set off, therefore the plane never crashed and everyone's life continued differently ... BUT by the alchemy of time, they all bore the traces of their "other" experience. And through what they had learned on the island (but could never actually remember, as it had "never happened"), all were able to heal, to meet their soulmates, and to live the lives they should have. (This is what happens when one reads "The Man Who Folded Himself" at the age of 12.) Would've been way more satisfying than what we got, nu?

  6. I felt the same way, permanent newbie. I thought the alternate time line was a new time line created after the nuke went off in the 70s. Then the ending would be the two timelines blending together so that the characters would be fully aware of both lives and maybe even choose which one they'd rather continue living in. That would have been more "believable" in a scifi show and less corny than trying to recreate what heaven would be like for the characters.



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