Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wall of FAME: Is Scott Summers a BIDER Reader?

Thanks for the tip, "guest"!

Scott Summers, an Northern Illinois University School of Law graduate, is running for Treasurer of Illinois.  What's the first item on his Green Party Agenda?  Shutting down two of the three public law schools in Illinois--including his alma mater.  It's not out of pure spite, either. He has Green Party motivations for this radical move--saving money:
We have three public law schools: University of Illinois (U of I), Southern Illinois University (SIU), and Northern Illinois University (NIU).  And we have a glut of unemployed lawyers.  Has the time finally come to slim down to just U of I for public law?  (Full disclosure: I’m an NIU law graduate. And I remain very grateful for the tip-top legal education I received there. Personally, I’d hate to see the place close. But I’m counting beans today, not wallowing in sentiment.) 
Ditto medical schools.  U of I has four campuses and additional satellites.  SIU has two campuses.  They do wonderful work.  They are cherished assets of their host communities. But — but — but — can we afford them all?  So how do we make these horribly difficult — and, I freely admit, politically dead-on-arrival (at least for the present) — public policy choices? We have to develop assessment and implementation mechanisms where we carefully evaluate our public needs — and then collectively/figuratively hold hands and jump.
Bravo, Scott!

"Up until 35 years ago, he pointed out, the state had a single public law school at the University of Illinois. We got by just fine with that," he said.

And how does SIU feel about Mr. Summers' plans?  
 Its spokesman said that eliminating a law school would result in "a lot of other students applying to the U of I," which could be problematic. 
Problematic, why?  Because U of I will only admit highly qualified and motivated students to become future Illinois lawyers?  Oh, and as a result, there will be fewer attorneys?  And because there are fewer attorneys, they might stand a chance of finding employment in their home state?   Darn.  That blows, SIU.  Blows for you.

I am not sure how many Illinois BIDER readers there are out there, but for what it's worth, I fully endorse Mr. Summers' candidacy for treasurer.  I don't even care what other items he has on his agenda, I can tell he has his head on straight.


I'm actually not a card carrying member, but may consider it now.


  1. this was on another scam blog a couple of weeks ago

  2. It was on JJD. I made a joke about Cyclops from X-Men. It wasn't deemed funny enough to be posted. :(

  3. Thanks for pointing it out guys... contrary to popular belief, I don't read everything on all the other scamblogs all the time. I totally missed this story... My apologies to JJD. This story was brought to my attention and I assumed it was because it wasn't covered before. Sorry again.

  4. Angel, don't let the naysayers stop you from posting what you want. I, for one, hadn't heard about this story until YOU posted it and would not have known about it because I don't read any of the other scam blogs. (I used to read Tom the Temp's blog, but it's the same old stuff over and over. I've found yours to be more in line with what I'm interested in and many of your posts reflect how I feel.)

    P.S. If I lived in Illinois, I would vote for Scott Summers! Actually, I'm licensed to practice law there - too bad that doesn't count!

  5. Thanks, 10:02 pm. I don't really seek to steal other blogger's stories, but at the very least, I give it the BIDER treatment. Does that not count for something? I think about the way that I read the news? I find a story I'm interested in and I look at it in 5 or more on-line publications. I like to see the whole story and I never get it from looking in one place.

    I wish you could vote for Summers too. I fear he hasn't a chance as a third party candidate, but if ever a time for Illinois voters to break old habits, it would be now--during the great depression. Both parties are mirror images of each other and extremely diluted and ineffective. We need bold new ideas to fix this country. I wish Ron Paul wasn't old. :(



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