Sunday, August 8, 2010

From Aspiring Video Game Designer to Stripper

This is what a $70,000 college degree from a for-profit/Goldman Sachs college will get you. It's good to know that $12.9 billion in bailouts went to such an honest and wholesome company, don't you think?

Carrianne Howard dreamed of designing video games, so she enrolled in a program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, a for-profit college part-owned by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Her bachelor’s degree in game art and design cost $70,000 in tuition and fees. After she graduated in December 2007, she found a job that paid $12 an hour recruiting employees for video game companies. She lost that job a year later when her department was shuttered.

These days, Howard, 26, makes her living in a way that doesn’t require a college diploma: by stripping at the Lido Cabaret, a topless club in Cocoa Beach, Florida. “I didn’t know what else to do,” she says. “I’ve got a worthless degree. It’s like I didn’t attend school at all."


  1. First of all, zero percent chance anything changes as far as federal loan dollars to for profit schools.

    Second of all, a little bit of logic has to come into play here for a student entering school to become a game designer. The most rudimentary research past the schools' own website (I'm sure they claimed 99.99% employment rate) would show that the video game field is highly competitive, and that even those who are able to get jobs may work for a company that has all its eggs in one basket (one signature title) that may not resonate with gamers, causing the company to fold. If you look at the video below and are inspired to attend, I'm sorry but you're an idiot and deserve to show your genitals in exchange for $1 at a time.

  2. while I do feel sorry for her,
    it is interesting to note
    had she gone into stripping and never bothered with school, she would have had more money to her and AND less debt.

    This crap needs to be stopped.

  3. Never did I believe education would threaten the progress made in the area of women's rights, yet here we are! Yes, this needs to stop. For the sake of our generation and the future of our children.

  4. This just demonstrates the absurdity of modern American society--it makes more economic sense to become a stripper than it does to earn a college degree.

  5. There are a ton of bullshit schools out there. You've got to think about it, and do your research on the school.

  6. Well hey, I am going to ITT for game design, the funny part is I am only half way through my 4 year degree, and I already have a job lined up with Blizzard Entertainment, Its not a worthless Degree unless you dont put forth the effort. this field is very picky because they receive some many applications they can be, unless your stuff is top end, you may as well be showing your top end.



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