Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who Needs New Furniture and Home Decor?

Are you looking for affordable quality home goods for your home or apartment? How about a new dining table and dining accessories? CSN Stores is the perfect place to find anything you need for your home as well as clothing and accessories for yourself, your children, and even your pets.

Because CSN has had such good reviews online and with reputable media outlets, BIDER is happy to work with CSN for an upcoming review and giveaway just in time for the fall. Yes, one BIDER reader will get a $70 gift certificate to use at any one of CSN's 200+ online stores. I love their contemporary furniture, but if you just want to buy a little something to treat yourself, CSN also has a shoe store, a luggage store, and a fitness equipment store. I told you CSN has everything you're looking for.

Stay tuned for more information on CSN and that great giveaway to win a CSN $70 gift certificate!


  1. i don't need any, but if i move in with my girlfriend and we live off her salary, i should probably figure out how to contribute to the household.

  2. That's why you need to enter! If you can't contribute to the rent and food at least get her a new pair of shoes or a piece of furniture for the apartment!



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