Friday, October 23, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmmmm....

My friend Ivy found this on-line and brought it to my attention.  How is this not the unauthorized practice of law?

Writer - Advocate (Long Island City)

Date: 2009-10-21, 12:50PM EDT
Reply to: see below 

National Social Security Disability Advocacy Company is hiring writer-advocates in our Long Island City, Queens office to represent claimants on disability claims. Candidates will be trained to assist in preparing cases for hearing and provide substantive writing support in the adjudication process. Duties include file review, case development, and writing case summaries for consideration by administrative law judges (ALJs). The candidates will be trained to appear independently before ALJs on disability claims. The ideal candidate must possess a bachelors degree with a demonstrated proficiency in writing, an ability to meet deadlines, and oral communication skills. Salary increase once candidate becomes an authorized advocate. Candidate must submit writing sample of 3-4 pages maximum that reflects his/her analytical ability. 

JDs and Attorneys need not apply. 

Salary 32K, health plan available at shared cost, union dental, and 401k plan. 

Email resumes and a writing sample to 


  1. At my alma mater, they were afraid of seeing a minority graduate unemployed, so they created some BS Diversity Liason position in the law school. He declined because doc review paid a lot more.

  2. It's not widely known, but most administrative tribunals in New York allow non-attorney representatives to practice before them.

  3. And we wonder why there aren't enough jobs for lawyers. Why should a non-lawyer be able to represent someone in front of an admin tribunal? That doesn't seem right to me at all.


    In the State of Utah, there are numerous exceptions to the unauthorized practice of law.

    Take a look at Rule 14-802(c): "Whether or not it constitutes the practice of law, the following activity by a non-lawyer, who is not otherwise claiming to be a lawyer or to be able to practice law, is permitted:"

    For instance, my sister-in-law is a collection agent and she represents her company in small claims court all the time. She can do so since she is acting as an authorized agent. Utah also allows an agent/representative to appear in front of an admin agency or tribunal.

    And just look at the bottom of the link - many industries can legally scale back on using lawyers, i.e. insurance companies, financial institutions, abstract and title companies, realty, health care providers, CPAs, etc.

    In sum, there are MANY ways to get around hiring a lawyer. This is one more reason why there is a gross oversupply of lawyers in the U.S. Now, didn't we all make a brilliant choice of entering such a secure profession?

  5. So the only part of our profession that can't be outsourced abroad, is outsourced to college grads. Excellent.



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