Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now Massachusetts is Joining the Party.

I ran across this article and I am a little disturbed.  Massachusetts is one of a few states that has no public law school option.  And that will be changing next year, apparently.

In my opinion, it doesn't need a public school option.  After all, they have 8 private institutions.  

So, in her infinite wisdom, the chancellor of UMass-Dartmouth seeks to acquire the private Southern New England School of Law in North Dartmouth.  What is not clear from the article is whether that school is on its way to becoming defunct.   The lovely chancellor thinks that “Law is a missing piece of the UMass curriculum.’’  I'm sure many students that would otherwise love to go to UMass, decide against it because it doesn't have a law school.  Princeton, anyone?  

This is so funny to me.  First of all, if someone really wants to practice law in Massachusetts (or as I always say to myself "mass of chew shits") and not incur private school debt, he will simply establish residency in another state and go to that state's public law school.  In the end, they will just take Barbri to freshen up on Massachusetts law.  With Barbri being so efficient in teaching students everything they should have learned in law school (Go Socratic Method, Go!), why have law schools at all?  In short, it doesn't matter where they go.

What really needs to happen is that 5 of the 8 schools need to close.  Let's keep Harvard, Boston University and.... Northeastern.   The other ones can follow Southern New England School of Law, Princeton Law and Tarkio into oblivion.  


  1. I read the article. I like how the school is proposing tuition at $24K, and then presents this as a great deal! A steal practically. Come one - this is nonsense.

    BTW, are you pinkpedicure on JDU? If so, did you go to Suffolk for law school? Also, I am getting ready to attend a "law school fair" next week and would like to post your blog on my leaflet. Is that cool?

  2. Please post my blog on your leaflet. You kick ass. Nope. I am not a Suffolk graduate. :) I just try to keep a national perspective so these sort of stories interest me.
    BTW, $24K was shocking to me as well. My private school costs about that when I went. That is NOT a good deal. I think a law school education is worth about $10K a year. That would be a fair price.



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