Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Day of Unemployment: Epic Fail.

So, today, I was hoping to clean my apartment and rearrange furniture.  I was aspiring to do a spring cleaning.  Mom always says, "clean house, happy life."  I figured that the first step to organizing one's life is organizing one's closet, and mopping.  Mopping instead of moping. I gave no thought to my future as an unemployed attorney at law.

So, within an hour, I spilled a gallon of fruit punch on the floor.  I accidentally pressed a button on my vacuum causing the contents (post vacuum, mind you) to spill all over the carpet.  Then I dumped my penny jar on the floor and broke it and scratched my hardwood floor.  But I sat there for a half hour and picked my pennies from the glass shards because a penny is a lot of money to me right now.  So all of that set me behind about an hour and a half--at least.

So, to distract myself from cleaning, I went online to apply for unemployment.  I guess I didn't read the directions correctly or I was a little distracted because I was rejected.  Like I need more rejection in my life.

So, I have more stuff to do. I bought a printer because I may decide to become a solo if all else fails (but hasn't it already).
I was doing really well, until I realized that the freaking thing doesn't come with the USB cable needed to attach it to my computer.  Damn it.

So, I finish up cleaning and I decide to go to Target to buy a USB cable.  I don't have any dollars for the bus--so I count out $1.35 from my penny jar to take the bus.  I have a few twenties in my wallet and I can make change once I get to Target.  I get on the bus.  

I get off the bus. I'm standing in front of Target. I reach into my purse for some lip gloss and I realize....

I left my wallet at home.  I decided to walk home and call it a day.  What choice did I have anyways.


  1. Geez, I have had those days. They really suck. I have no words of wisdom for you, that day was not good. Maybe you're being tested????

  2. Here's a free piece of advice: If you take enough steps towards being a solo, you will endanger your unemployment benefits. Be careful.

  3. The solo shit isn't likely to happen. I hope I just get a job.

  4. Sweetie, we've all had days as bad as that...that means it can only get better....

  5. I hope so. I just think my life is divinely ironic at times. I can't even begin to list all of the ways which is sucks ass. And the irony is, as an attorney, I get ZERO sympathy. No one is worried about me finding a job. My brother and mother and extended family are all not worried about me. Why the hell not??? As my friend Lisa said today--all the people that she knows that have been laid off are attorneys. Finance people were the first affected by this recession, but really.. all the financial institutions that remain standing hired them and they never missed a beat. DAMN. And it's the 15th, which means that my automatic payment to my student loans is coming out of my bank account tomorrow. SHOOT me.



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