Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are You Shitting Me?

It's days like this that I think, why not quit the lawyer thing and just babysit children? I love children. It would be rewarding to take care of little munchkins. Furthermore, it can be lucrative. For nights out on the town, I can receive $10 a child, per hour. That's $30/hour for a family of 3 children.

And what will being a lawyer pay? Less than that!

This showed up in my inbox this morning. I was flabbergasted. How often do I use that word? Nearly never.

From the "The Posse" list serve:

To: <>Message-ID: <7EA257A7A4FC4DE991EC8FEF6BA023CF@SonyVaioSZ>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
Excellent long term temp in-house opportunity for a law school graduate with HR/Benefits experience.

Position requires a JD, a high level of professionalism and impeccable interpersonal skills. In addition - position requires the ability to maintain composure when speaking with demanding clients.

Rate is $25.00/hr.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this opportunity, please email your resume ASAP to Leyda Mata:"

And just this morning, on Facebook, I came across yet another crazy kid saying "My wife is thinking of going to law school" in response to someone's status update. I ranted and raved in response. It's my duty, of course. I said that she should look into being a manager at a Walgreens. It pays more and it costs less to get there.

And here, my point is illustrated. Look at what you have to look forward to upon graduation, kids!

$25/hour or $1000 a week which is $52K a year IF you manage to stay employed the entire year. Remember, this is temporary. So, any sensible person would realize that you're likely to be unemployed at least 2 months out of the year. So, $52K- 8 weeks of pay is $44K. But then again, any sensible person wouldn't go to law school. I can think of about 10 jobs off the top of my head that will pay at least $44K that don't require a JD. Hairstylist, Secretary, Paralegal, Plumber, Carpenter, High Class Escort. Hell, Crack Whore for that matter.

Oh yah, add to that $200K of debt. It equals a BAD decision! Don't go to law school. When will people get it through their thick skulls????

It's in the meanstream media now too. Why don't people read these articles?

Lawyers become hookers.

Thousands of lawyers are out of work.

Please don't go! I wouldn't let you jump off a bridge either. Going to law school is akin to financial suicide... or at least a horrible drug addiction.


  1. It is crazy that so many people want to go to law school without a true understanding of what the life of a lawyer is like.

  2. Angel, I looked at your links above. The article on attorney layoffs also noted that thousands of legal staffers have likewise been let go.

    When I did the defense clinic at Drake, I remember that the courts throughout Iowa were making their court reporters and staff go home early 2 or 3x a week. And every other Friday, the courts were closed.

    Isn't this a grand industry?!?

  3. Nando, but were they not paid when they left early? Was it a forced furlow?

  4. LOLLOL!! Make more money babysitting or being a crack whore!...sad but probably true. You've convinced me that it is my duty to explain again how bad of a decision it would be to go to law school to anyone thinking of going(even if they don't ask me....) I refrained from doing so because I didn't want to appear to be an overly negative person. But it would only be saving them from so much misery by talking them out of it. I thought things were bad when I graduated (class of '93), but things look even worse today. They are offering the same starting salaries today...unbelievable.



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