Monday, December 14, 2009

Wall of Shame Part II: Aaron F. Biber

This is really sad, but I had to bring this guy up. He's not an unethical lawyer, but an unethical person.  Mr. Biber, a Minneapolis Attorney, has been accused of raping a 15-old-boy.  The complaint if available here... and it's bad.  He has been suspended from work, at Gray Plant and Mooty.  As you can see from a perusal of the firm website, they pulled his name down right quick.  I also found him on the Minnesota Bar Associate Website:
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Aaron Biber

Gray Plant Mooty Mooty & Bennett PA

80 S Eighth St #500

Admitted to MN bar: 5/12/1988
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: (612) 632-3000 / Fax: (612) 632-4444

Judging by his admission, he's at least 46 years old.  Way to go in ruining your life, dip shit.

Definitely a good candidate for the Wall of Shame.


  1. He got charged with those crimes but has not gotten convicted yet.

  2. Not enough info yet...

    For all we know, the kid was there on a sleepover with the guy's son and is pissed because Daddy caught the boys drinking and got him in trouble.

    Kids will lie over a smal indiscretion of their own without realizing the ramifications of what they are doing to the accused's life.

    Of course, it is also possible that this guy is a total child molesting perv...

    But the point is, it might be a tad early to crucify him.


  3. That's why I wrote "accused of"... :) Hopefully, it's blatant lies... but I think I rape kit on the boy would have made that pretty obvious, no?

  4. It would have if they used one, but there's no mention of that in the article (at least I didn't see one).

    Police have dinged people with charges of rape with some pretty flimsy evidence, and where I come from, I ASSUME police incompetence until it is proven otherwise.


  5. Doesn't look good for him...maybe keep him on the wall of shame ;o

  6. You guys can check out the complaint and this guy's picture over at - they're covering it pretty thoroughly.

  7. Thanks, Guys! I included video above.

  8. oh..very disturbing...can we focus about happy pretty things??

  9. Tell me the facts of this case please.

  10. He is (er, was) the Minnesota state bar treasurer and spoke at our swearing in in October (for 2009 bar passers). This is a bad omen.

    Also, I interviewed with him during OCI in fall 2007. In my thank you note I praised him for his integrity. Apparently I'm not a very good judge of character.



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