Friday, December 11, 2009

Creative and LEGAL Ways of Avoiding Loan Repayment: Lesson #1

Some of my readers will agree... Law School was a worthless waste of money and it didn't result in a career, as promised by those myriad of pretty glossy brochures that were sent to all of us, our senior year of college.  But would it be so bad if it were free?  Or at least cheaper?  Well, one of my readers has figured out how to make law school worth it. Read on, my friends:

Hi, I've read your blog on a couple of occasions and appreciate your thoughts and think there should be more blogs like it out there. I'm an '06 TTTT grad whose been out of the law since April 2008 with mountains of debt, mostly from my idiotic college days when I went to an overpriced private school and ran up my credit cards. I probably spend a good half hour per day reading blogs like yours, Tom the Temp's, or seeing if there are any new articles referencing student loans or Sallie Mae's splendid business practices. I'm doing relatively well right now, but not well enough to pay for all my past sins. After all my deferments ran out, I basically have stayed enrolled half-time at a random community college - the latest being some school in Oregon that charges about $500 per quarter - to keep from having to pay about 2k in student loans per month. At this point, I feel beyond ripped off by higher education that I've basically decided that Sallie Mae or any of my other lenders will never see a dime of my money unless I somehow become ridiculously wealthy. Anyway, if you'd like to chat with another disgruntled "attorney," let me know!

He really got me thinking... We should all use the internet--or at least my blog--to share ways in which to avoid loan repayment in a slightly underhanded or off-color, yet legal, way.   I don't think this sort of info is widely available.  If you look up forebearance on google, you are directed to a bunch of loan/government sponsored websites, like these:
That's not helpful!  They want you to pay them eventually so they aren't going to tell you how to avoid them forever. 
I have a method:  Smoke a pack a day, drink and party like a rock star.  With any luck, I'll die before the loans are paid and, VOILA, discharged upon death!  I think that Attorney-al-LOL's suggestion is better for your health, but what is health when you're a contract attorney with no benefits???
Do you have any ideas?  If so, email me at and we can discuss the merits of your way.  BTW, what the hell is up with my formatting??? Sorry for the tech difficulties.


  1. If you're willing to learn a foreign language and say good bye to the USA, there are probably plenty of foreign nations in which you can try to start a new life. Some even have very pleasant tropical climates.

  2. Maybe Sallie Mae will soon lobby Congress to issue international arrest warrants for people who leave the country with student loan debts pending.

  3. What would they do to you if you run? Would they arrest you at the airport upon re-entry to the U.S.?

  4. jeeze, you people are living inside a bubble named 'USA'. There is a world outside, and no, there will be no one 'arresting' you upon return; there are no debtors prisons.

    Your best bet is to move to Canada, marry a native, get Canadian citizenship, and then you are free.



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