Friday, December 4, 2009

NYLS, Brooklyn, NYU, Columbia, St. Johns, Albany, Cardozo, Fordham, Touro, CUNY School of Law, Cornell, Hofstra, Pace, SUNY Buffalo, Syracuse.... Binghamton???????

Yes... Binghamton is planning on opening up a law school.  They don't even lie and say that New York or that Binghamton (in upstate New York) is in dire need of a law school.  It's pretty daggone obvious that New York is drowning in law schools.  Besides the obvious motivation ($$$$$) what could they be thinking?  Especially with the legal industry producing a ton o'grads a year.  43,587 graduates to be exact.  So, what's another 160 or so???? 

Here is one of their reasons:

Based on statistics from 2007-08, out of all the then-seniors that applied to attend law schools across the country, 76 percent were accepted to one or more American Bar Association-accredited law schools after graduation. Of those applicants who were seniors at BU, 86 percent have been accepted to one or more law schools.

"We are 10 percent above the national rate," Appelbaum said. "Binghamton does a wonderful job in preparing students for law school. I think it would do equally well in providing a legal education."

What an achievement! With over 200 law schools in America, the Correspondence College for Monkey Science can produce graduates that get into law school... somewhere.  Is that really an achievement? 

Once again, the total disregard for the future of students after they get out of the law school is shocking to me.  I can open a law school in my living room, but I wouldn't.  I could just teach them a  Barbri Course and they will be better prepared for the Bar then if they went to law school.  But I won't.  Why not?  Because I can't tell these kids that they will have a future in the field.  What Binghamton and other law schools are doing is fraud.  Why isn't the State Attorney General of New York prosecuting these hacks.  I really think that law schools are the biggest Ponzi Scheme of all.   Deans everywhere should have to pay their unemployed graduates back the money they stole.  That would be justice.


  1. Remember, 43,587 only counts the grads from 198 ABA-accredited law schools. It does not include those pumped out by non-ABA accredited schools.

    It is fraudulent behavior for the ABA to approve any more law schools. Those already operating are producing WAY MORE GRADS than there are available openings. So, naturally that corrupt enterprise/political organization known as the ABA has decided to keep allowing more schools to open their doors. Great job, ABA! You are turning a JD into a criminal justice degree.

    Remember, when criminology was a decent degree? You had solid programs from across the country offering this program of study. Well, with online schools like Kaplan and Hamilton College (and a slew of others) giving anybody with a pulse a degree, that degree has become a joke. The same damn thing has happened to the JD.

  2. I feel like I was the victim of a bait-and-switch scheme. Except that this particular one was accompanied with crushing debt. I take responsibility for my choice and a million times over wish I could do things differently, but I also find it completely unacceptable that for 3 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, the bar exam and a generally extensive investment of time, energy and soul, schools are pumping out people who literally will never have a chance at working as an attorney. And they are well aware of this. I'm one of them. (2007 private school tier 2) But it's not just outliers as some would have you believe, it's a large percentage. And obviously, the answer to this problem is...another law school.

  3. How can there be too many lawyers? The Courts are overrun with pro se litigants! We need another 100 law schools and ASAP!

  4. I hope you are being facetious, 11:38.

    Binghamton just wants to get in on the game. They don't really care about the "desperate need" for more lawyers. For example, Belmont Law School in TN feels that it can make up its initial investment within three years of opening its doors. THAT is why you see more law schools being constructed.

  5. I wish that attorneys could go to school for nearly nothing so that their job could be something akin to a public service. There should be no pro se litigants. Everyone should have the right to an attorney whether they are in civil court or criminal. Alas, with the 100K of student loan debt that I pulled out, I can't do what I think I would enjoy because I can't afford to.

  6. Keep focused. The ABA has a monopoly on LAw School accreditation. But, they don't want it to appear they have a monopoly. They don't want the grief major league baseball or football has. They also don't want to spin its accreditation committee off like the AMA into a separate independent branch. This spin off would cause the ABA would lose power and political clout.

    The ABA does not want a monopoly suit. To avoid this suit, it will never say NY,Fla,NC, or Calif has 10 Law Schools and 3/4 the grads are unemployed; they don't need anymore schools.



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