Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Shout Out for ESQNever!!!!

EsqNever was featured prominently in the National Law Journal today!  I'm so proud of him, as a fellow blogger.  You have to see his "Law School Carol," if you haven't yet.  You should also forward it to friends.

The message is getting out!!!!  And the article taught me something new. I now hate the ABA and the NALP.  Self-reporting, my ass.  Just call it blatant lies. It's not possible that 23% of all law school grads land jobs earning $160K.  There's not even that many $160K jobs available out there!


  1. It's a game of three-card monte. The ABA says that the NALP is collecting self-reporting data from the individual law schools; The schools contend that they are complying with the ABA's guidelines; and NALP tells us that it can only accept the schools' numbers and take them at face value. (No one is held responsible - that's the beauty of this scheme.)

    Also, when the industry does want to place somewhere, the players point to the insidious, annual USNWR law school rankings. "After all, this magazine places immense pressure on law schools to skew their figures." Lost in all the confusion is the FACT that the ABA allows such a publication to rank its member schools.

    In contrast, the American Dental Association does not permit US News to rank its member schools.

  2. Nice. That law school carol was well conceived and well executed. And the ABA sucks.

    The Cs get degrees guy doesn't allow anonymous comments, so can you let him know that he's identified the wrong Roy Ginsburg.

    The bearded one is the marketing guru and the bald one is the commercial litigator. The bearded one is the one that does networking CLEs. Easy mistake, but he should fix it.

  3. Actually, doesn't look like he has a beard anymore. But the marketing guy is Roy S. Ginsburg:

    and the Dorsey lawyer is Roy A. Ginsburg:

  4. Strange.
    Every year I think around 46,000 law students graduate right?

    Say 35k end up passing the bar, with 24% of the students getting big law, you'd have 8050 new students getting big law offers at V100 firms.

    So every V100 law firm on average hires around 90 new graduates every year?

    Isn't this blatant misrepresentation? Shouldn't these guys get sued or somethin

  5. I'm wondering the same thing? This year, they were all deferred.. or a vast majority were... so what does that mean in the stats? I wish I knew how many were hired. My old BigFirm is one of the top 10 in the country and it hired 50 a year. So, is it really 24%. And if nearly all of Harvard gets those coveted positions, what does that mean for a TTT or even a TT? 2% or 5% get jobs earning 160K?????



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