Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Does Everyone Need to Go to College?

Here's a discussion about whether college is necessary....  I totally agree
with the second caller.  Jump to 1:00 and listen to that discussion. What do you think?


  1. In this country, we suffer from an "EVERYBODY should go to college" mentality. College is clearly not for everyone. Personally, I think our business elite (and their handpuppets in Congress, the White House, the courts, statehouses, etc.) recognized that they needed a distraction so the masses would not focus too much on the loss of blue-collar jobs.

    Manual labor (including very skilled labor) was looked down upon by many, starting in the 1980s or so. Well, who helped create that perception? It wasn't the corporate media, was it?!?

    Regardless of one's politics, two facts remain: (1) we have the most-educated populace in the history of this nation; and (2) despite fact 1, our jobs our increasingly low-paying, demanding of our time/production, and very insecure.

    Where the hell is the tradeoff for this supposed "investment" in our future?

  2. Generally, I believe that college is not for everyone and that student loans are a scam. Everyone that decides to go to college should should do so to learn practical skills (math, hard sciences, engineering, accounting, nursing, etc) and should obtain to zero debt outside what is backed by the federal government (particularly Stafford loans). Stafford loans are usually capped at a relatively low amount and they have fairer terms.

    I also think that we should phase out humanities as stand alone majors unless someone completely explains to these would-be scholars that these majors will not necessarily lead to a good job, or any job for that matter.

  3. I'm not against learning of critical thinking skills, but the colleges should have a monopoly on that. The information is out there, and critical thinking is developed over time, not taught.

  4. There's as much critical thinking and analysis in my one hour of adult Sunday School each week as there is in a college classroom.



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