Thursday, October 21, 2010

You Can't Reason With a Law Lemming

This is hilarious because this is exactly how the law lemmings of today sound like.
I'm really excited about becoming a lawyer. I want to help people. I love the Constitution. I want to try criminal defense too. I'm not doing this for the money. I can't wait to make new friends in law school.

Ha. Good luck finding that time machine.


  1. I LOVE this! It's hilarious...and right on..LOL

  2. Cute. Annoying, but cute. Like Jersey Shore cute. Like Snooki cute. Like Betty White cute. Hmmm. Betty White. But I regress...

  3. She will make a great gunner in law school. We'll see how well that plays with her classmates, after a few weeks.

    Sadly, the lemmings will see such an informational, concise video as the workings of washouts. Too some degree, this is correct. However, there are TONS of washouts in this industry - as there are simply too many goddamn lawyers in this country.

  4. Hysterical and True!

  5. Why do law students take things so seriously? Honest question. If the situation is FUBAR, at least have fun with it. If your job sucks, then laugh at it. Anyone else realize how truly insignificant each of us really are? Does any of this really matter in some type of universal scale? Nope. The whole thing is a joke. Life. Death. Betty White. No, not Betty White. She's serious man...she's serious.

  6. It is not that there are too many lawyers, but that the run-of-the-mill fee generating legal work has been taken by so many non-lawyers.

    Thanks for all the help with the unlicensed practice of law situation ABA and state bars. You guys are great.

    At this point we should just follow Milton Friedman and allow everyone to practice law and medicine without the pesky licensing requirements. Free markets for all my friends. :)


    You made it on Fark. Sweet.

  8. Anonymous 1:03 PM,

    How about someone robs you of over $150,000 and three years of your life, then we'll tell you to lighten up and not take life seriously. That's not counting the loan with interest, which is far more expensive and lengthy to pay off.

  9. Anonymous 1:03. Have you ever been robbed? Do you know the definition of being robbed? Look it up. I will wait. Tapping fingers. Are you done? Alrighty now. You were not robbed. Fleeced maybe. Gullible probably. Stupid, yes. We have a winner. Now I am saying, lighten up Frances. Your three years? What, you would have found the cure to world hunger? Cured cancer? Chill out and stop taking yourself so seriously. Levity is the key to long life, and with that are going to need a longer than average life to get ahead. Now go back to that fryer and make me some fries, and I will have a diet coke with it. Have a great day.



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