Monday, October 11, 2010

Pompous Shill/Professor Disses Angel!

A Presumptuous Professor commented on my last substantive posting.  After I read it, I pondered the many ways that I could counter this "argument."  First off, I'm not a failed adult.  I didn't even do badly in law school.  I go out of my way to say that TTT grads are not failed adults as well.  We're all among the most intelligent of Americans with a college education and graduate degree.  Also, he accused me of being hungry for power, but came off as self-proclaimed royalty.  My professor was in need of a lay--a common colloquialism thrown around by all of my classmates.  I tossed my arguments around and around in my mind and I decided that my readers will speak up on my behalf... and they certainly did.  Thank you!
Here's what the Professor wrote:
You chose law to get power.

Yet you revile those with power over you. You vibrate with resentment that your professors had the power to ignore you. You deserved their attention and regard--after all, you are so much better/Deeper than they!

You make up sexual fantasies about them when they thwarted your expectations, which brought your ego weaknesses to the fore--and the best you can come up with is calling them women's body parts.

Hm, your failures and resentments and "disenchantment" (as though life is supposed to be enchanting) couldn't have anything to do with YOU, now, could it?

Well, it will be interesting to read your blog, and find out what happens when an obviously failed adult fails at the admittedly failed institutions of law school and law. I'm afraid there are all too many such people, blaming the world for their own failures and seething in resentment and anger. Particularly in your generation, which was told by its parents that it farted rainbows and would save the world.

Maybe you could try trade school. Though I do realize that someone as Deep as you, and as Gifted, and Special, would have a hard time with the humbling experience of fixing what's broken rather than complaining about it and expecting a reward.


  1. Law school was the saddest, most wasteful and depressing experience anyone can ever have. Prison would have been better. Obama's photo says it all. And he was someone who could take advantage of it.

  2. that jerk was a professor...I knew it! Ha! He's the one who's stuck and messed up in a profession he hates but won't leave because he's too busy powertripping.

  3. ...or maybe it was a woman...

  4. No proof, but no denial. I say he's an academic fo sho!

  5. Apparently, "the law" is so rewarding and refreshing...that this "law professor" has chosen to remain in academia. (I also laugh my ass off when these social retards/"law profs" claim: "I could make a lot more money in private practice, but I choose to teach instead.")

    Yeah, sure you did - and I chose to marry at age 25 rather than sleep with Salma Hayek and Lauren Graham. Perhaps, these idiots could make more money - but they would also need to work MUCH more than 6 hours per week. They would also need to learn how to deal with people and clients.



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