Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paul H. Kicks Ass!

I heard about this gentleman, a lawyer, who has taken on Educational Credit Management Corporation, a lender, for us all!  Why hasn't anyone thought of this??? Well, Paul is notable for many reasons, but the main one being that his writing style is rather unorthodox.  Here's some choice lines from his Petition for  Rehearing:

"Plaintiff has news for these slime ball pieces of shit, ass clown judges (Bowie, Canby, Thomas and Fletcher-this means you) that think they are going to rig the system and railroad the poor and innocent- such as blocking the discovery process of the poor that cannot defend themselves,
commit perjury in their orders and a host of other constitutional violations, and do it with impunity that is simply not going to happen in this case. You cock suckers are now on notice."


"You little bitches are not going to make outrageous lies like that when Plaintiff worked his ass off getting hired in a very tough and competitive education field, not once, but numerous times--only to have his employment interfered with by the CTC. If you motherfucking liars don't understand that, then you're not going to understand the civil unrest that will be coming to your doorstep. Fuck you and that ridiculous lie."

His writing has a way of sticking with you.  He makes a lasting impression.  Paul, I know that you've emailed me in the past and I'm totally behind you on this.  I was taken aback when I made the connection between you (my Facebook and email friend) and this Petition.  Believe you me,  I wish I could tell a few judges to suck my non-existent cock.  But why not try to be nice first?
Just a thought and I would LOVE for you to comment.


  1. It's called a "petition for rehearing," not a "petition for a rehearing." (Not a big deal, just not what a lawyer would say. Kind of like, "I'd like to move for a summary judgment.")

  2. Are you really going to do that to me at this hour???? Okay, I'll fix it.

  3. done and done. Give a sister a break sometimes. I don't practice in Federal Courts and NY doesn't have a rehearing in the areas of the law that I practice. UGH. You people keep me on my toes.

  4. "Are you really going to do that to me at this hour????" If I had a dime...I would have a dime. So sad.

  5. It was self-deprecating. Your comment was harmless and innocuous. I attempted to add some levity by stating that if I had a dime every time I have heard that statement, "Are you really going to do that to me at this hour," then I would have a dime. Meaning I have only heard that one time. I think once the lame attempt at a joke has to be explained it becomes creepy. Apologies. You have a great site, it's late.

  6. It's so late... and the only reason why I am up right now combing my blog is because I'm working on a motion that I serving on Monday. I just finished it. The printer is next to my head and it's printing away... and I can't sleep. I'm a creep for not getting it. If I weren't so damn tired I wouldn't be nearly as dense right now. But, that's the life of a solo--right? Feast or famine. Next week I'll be twiddling my thumbs.

  7. Paul is on to the game. He understands that judges are bagmen (and bag-women) for Industry. They are referred to as "gatekeepers." But we all know what their primary role is, i.e. to make sure the wealthy and powerful can accrue more wealth.

    Just look at the fraud of unpublished opinions that help the average person. Well, these decisions hold no weight.

    Again, the law was created and conceived of by greedy pigs - so they could further justify their stranglehold on social, political and economic wealth. (Even the kleptocrat cockroaches realized that religious justifications would not hold up in the long run.)

    That is still the case today. The average person receives a little bone his way, now and then - primarily for the purpose of giving the appearance of "fairness." The oligarchs and their servants, i.e. politicians in black robes, need to make sure the system appears "legitimate," after all.

    Paul H. nailed it on the head. He is a working class hero. He also shows that he does not give a damn about the system. And why should he? It is not worthy of ONE IOTA of reverence or obedience. Likewise, the pigs behind this system, including the gatekeepers/corporate whore judges, are not deserving of ONE OUNCE of respect.

    At least the higher education cartel is producing a VERY LARGE highly-educated, working class. As a result, legions are onto "the game." With their education, perhaps many will be in a position to do something about it.



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