Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Xtranormal Takes the Higher Education Scam Mainstream

Here are several more xtranormal videos. I'd like to see more of these videos follow in the footsteps of the "So You Want to Go to Law School" video that has gone viral and received 660,000 hits in the last week. I'm glad to see unemployed graduates putting some of their free time to good use by creating these creative and humorous videos that will hopefully save someone from a similar fate. Enjoy and pass them along to a real life lemming contemplating law or graduate school. You could save a life.


  1. Hi there -- I'm the author of the "So You Want to go to Law School" video, but I did not write the others. I think the other law school video preceded mine, and Humanities came after mine -- thanks so much for the re-post of the video. I love finding it all over the Inter-net-webs...

  2. I wish the professors and counselors were this honest when I was in college.

  3. there's a followup available to the Law School video -- the first in a series following the girl as she starts law school at fictional Hunter University.

    (Yes, I'm the creator of the Law School videos and previously posted as RBSHoo, but changed my blog-posting user name to match my YouTube ID).

  4. Very funny video. Accurately depicts more than a few college students I've known. Also seems to distill all of Thomas H. Benton's don't-go-to-grad-school articles from the Chronicle into a few minutes.

    I found this blog from the Jobless JD's bloglist. Found her blog after a few Google searches inspired by a friend who explained how her son graduated from law school over a year ago (supposedly a good school, but I'm ignorant of the criteria and rankings) yet he can't find a legal job. He's paying the bills by (drum roll) hacking XBoxes and Playstations.

    One quibble with the video, though. It's certainly inaccurate to say all humanities professors are Marxists. But it's quite accurate to say that the prevailing philosophies in the humanities in American academia are Marxist in origin. Marxist criticism, psychoanalytic criticism, feminist criticism, structuralism and post-structuralism, post-modernism, post-colonialism, queer theory and anything about "theory" or "critical" (e.g., "critical theory" or "critical pedagogy") is ultimately Marxist in origin. (See Stephen Hicks's 2004 book "Explaining Postmodernism" at Stephen Hicks dot org for a thorough and comprehensive explanation.) In my experience, many humanities professors are ignorant of the origins of what they're teaching (just as the Jobless JD writes how many law school profs have little real-world experience in the courtroom).

  5. This article is 101% true. Absolutely true. The problem is that young kids have been dumbed-down from high school itself. The teaching and quality of teachers in high-school is so poor, its one big joke.
    So the students/kids lack the brains to understand that its a scam and one big con game going on. The parents are brain-dead too! Just a bunch of totally illiterate and dumbed middle class Americans. If middle class America disappears, they themselves will be to blame for the disaster.
    And also the students are themselves going to college, not to study but to get away from parents/family, have fun and party! So its just one huge party and they'll willfully join in because everyone else is in it too. So the heard mentality prevails. And they'll take on boat-loads of financial loans to get the party going.
    This whole thing has now started to end very badly. And its getting worse by the day. Young graduates will not have suitable jobs, will end up doing low paying unskilled jobs off and on, will be financially enslaved to the banks for the rest of their lives..and will soon end up on the streets.
    The party is over and its going to be one huge mess/train wreck going forward whatever you want to call it. A disaster.
    Colleges and public universities will fold up and shut down. For profit institutions of higher education (think University of Phoenix) will go bankrupt and close up shop too.
    Higher education is in for a mega collapse just like the housing collapse that started a few years ago and has no end in sight.



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