Monday, June 14, 2010

How Much Are They Paying You, Dawn Connor?

I can only hope that the for-profit scam artists and their friends on Capitol Hill are paying you, Dawn Connor, or at least forgiving some of your student loans for shilling on their behalf. Either you will make millions continuing to lobby on the behalf of for-profit colleges, or you will be back in Eau Claire neutering cats and dogs for the rest of your life -- if you're lucky.

This makes my blood boil, but this looks like the few options for-profit graduates have these days. Either become part of the industry that scammed you, or end up thousands in debt with no job prospects.

A few months ago, Dawn Connor was just another college student, attending night courses to become a veterinary technician and practicing her trade by spaying and neutering dogs and cats from a local shelter.

These days, the 33-year-old from Eau Claire, Wis., is shaking hands on Capitol Hill and speaking at news conferences in Las Vegas, the new public face of the satisfied for-profit college student.

Standing closely behind her is the Career College Association, a lobbying group for for-profit schools that provided the organizational muscle to launch the grassroots-sounding Students for Academic Choice at a time when for-profit colleges are under fire.

The Career College Association helped the students establish a website, draft bylaws and set up an online election that resulted in Connor being elected the group's president — all at a time when for-profit colleges are intensifying lobbying efforts against tougher federal regulations expected to be proposed in the coming days.
Who is Dawn Connor? The article lists her "credentials" which include enrolling in three different nonprofit colleges without earning a single degree. She is the face of the for-profit industry because, really, what else would she have done to pay off her student loan debt without her new job rubbing elbows with politicians to make more money for the for-profit thieves?

Connor was a collegiate drifter. She said she graduated early from high school and enrolled at three different nonprofit colleges, changing majors a few times without earning a degree.

Then she found the Eau Claire campus of for-profit Globe University, which offered a flexible schedule that allowed her to attend class at night while she worked full-time in a health care job.

It wasn't cheap. Tuition to complete a two-year associate's degree in veterinary technology at Globe runs $44,820, and lab fees and books are extra. Connor said it cost her less because she had transfer credits.

Even so, she said the state-of-the-art surgical suites and small classes is worth the extra expense.

Connor seems to come off as the type of person who never should have went to college, would have been better off working for the last ten years instead of drifting from one crappy for-profit to the next, but continued to rack up student debt at any "college" that would take her in. She is the perfect example of why these nonprofit schools should be closed down and a warning to students like her. Do you want to be 33-years-old, still in school with no job skills, and owe thousands of dollars in student debt?

The article does not state how much student loan debt she owes. I wouldn't be surprised if she owes upwards of $100k after attending four different colleges before finding her calling as a for-profit shill for a so-called student organization that Lauren Asher of the Institute for College Access & Success calls "an industry-sponsored group".

Any last words, Ms. Connor?

Connor said lower tuition "would be great. In the real world, that would be great if we could lower the price for everything. But that's just not an option at this point in time. That's not the point we're trying to get to right now."
She is an idiot and a clueless hack, which makes her perfect for the for-profit industry in their propaganda. I suggest Connor to milk as much as possible from these thieves while she still can or convince her for-profit school to hire her as a spokesperson, because there is no way she will be able to survive in the "real world" as a 33-year-old with no work experience and a Global University associate's degree. Good luck paying off that $45,000 loan and whatever else you owe to those three other diploma mills.


  1. I'm proud of this c*nt. At least she's making money off of the machine that screwed her. Good job.

  2. In another 10 years, when her current student loans balloon to twice what they are now, she will look back and cringe on how she was screwed twice over by these for profit scumbags.



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