Monday, June 21, 2010

Even the Europeans Think Our Education System is on the Brink of Disaster!


I was perusing the BBC and saw this article.  It doesn't discuss law school but does a good job of identifying the huge surge in university attendance while presenting the staggering cost.  I think it would have been better if it then touched on the need for advanced degrees, adding yet another staggering cost in the baseline expenditure for a (maybe) useful degree. The best part about this is that it is international in scope and will reach a much larger European audience, where university education is much more subsidized!

It is just shocking.  I have never commented here but follow all the law school scamblogs almost religiously.  I have good grades and am prepping for the LSAT now.  I haven't made a decision but if I score below 175, I won't go.  It means that my chance at getting in a top 5 is a stretch and precludes me from any opportunity at getting any subsidy.

Thank you for your work, I hope to contribute more in the future.  Just today I was talking to a customer in the bar I work at who was waiting to hear back from the UVA waitlist for the law program.  I told him all about scambloggers and wrote the names on a card for him to look up.  He had not a thought in his head that the schools might be misrepresenting the figures.  I told him everything I could and told him to seriously research the job prospects and to contact UVA and ask them to break down all of the statistics for him.  He thanked me and gave me a huge tip (which was nice), plus he was super cute...ha!

Anyways, check out the article and keep fighting the good fight!


I did check out the article and it seems the Europeans are onto the education scam. It is ridiculous that we send our kids to school for $200K, and even more so when the kids go on borrowed money.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have always loved the BBC as a source for news.  They aren't owned by Turner.  I hate Turner.  That's another story for another day though.  Thanks again.  Also, I second your idea about 175 or bust.  Sounds like a plan.  Good luck!


  1. Higher education is on the brink of disaster, yes. Too many think that they "must" have a bachelor's degree when an associate's degree will get them where they want. In many cases, they can go back and finish their bachelor's in their field in a few years when they won't have to take out loans to do it.

    FWIW, K-12 education is in serious need of reform, too - but the SCOTUS mandates a "reasonable" education for those grades. Pretty soon, they're gonna be charging fees like the airlines do.

  2. Go check out the latest at HuffingtonPost on the college collapse:

    80% living at home after graduation? That seem high to anyone?



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