Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Law Associates Deferred, but Getting Air Time.

Worth listening to.  

Compare and contrast that with this article, entitled "Law Firms Express ‘Growing Enthusiasm’ for Contract Lawyers."  In this article, it states:

This year, 10 percent of the firms plan to cut associates, 38 percent plan to reduce or discontinue hiring first-year associates, and 54 percent plan to shrink their summer programs.
At the same time, law firms are instead expressing a “growing enthusiasm” for a staffing alternative—contract lawyers, according to an Altman Weil press release. Last year, 39 percent of the law firms used contract lawyers. This year, 53 percent will or might do so, while 52 percent expect that contract lawyers will become a permanent part of their staffing plans.
Yes.  The connection is clear as June 21st is long.  Law Firms are capsizing and/or imploding.  The lawyers of today will be contract attorneys, working for 70 hours a week and no benefits.  I laugh when I hear young lemmings talk about the economy improving and how jobs will be available once that happens. It won't happen.  Law firms are on a permanent trek to finding a cheaper way to provide legal services and contract attorneys are the glaringly obvious solution.  And the contract attorneys of yesteryear, TTT and TT graduates, will be pushed out in favor of T14 contract attorneys.  If anyone from the ABA is reading this blog, I implore you to do something about this.  Our industry is sinking fast.  Does someone in the basement of BigLaw need to go postal on a firm to get the ABA to stop accrediting law schools?   They should be taking accreditation away from TTT sewer schools.  With every unemployed graduate put out in the market, the value of our work decreases to pennies on the dollar.  The ABA has the power to stop this madness.  UGH. I can't handle this type of news anymore.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Angel, I appreciate the passion. However, the ABA cockroaches simply DO NOT give a damn what happens to the legions of law grads who cannot find work. For example:


    In the last 29 years, a cumulative total of 1,127,231 law degrees were awarded by ABA-accredited law schools. Yes, ONE MILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE law degrees have been issued in the last 29 years, in the United States.

    At least, in the past, many could find their way onto doc review projects. But, the cockroaches on the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility decided that this was too lucrative for such JDs. See ABA "Ethics" Opinion 08-451.

  2. >>Law Firms Express ‘Growing Enthusiasm’ for Contract Lawyers<<

    “Growing” enthusiasm for substandard wages with no benefits, bonuses, maternity leave, etc.??

    More like “orgasmic” enthusiasm.

  3. I don't understand how most of the law schools can be permitted to operate.

  4. I remember when the Reagan revolution trumpeted job out-sourcing because Americans wouldn't and shouldn't do small blue collar jobs. There was widespread acclaim. They promised all future corporate opportunities derived from job out-sourcing would all be managers and the white collar leaders of the world. Many warned it would be a matter of time before the third world would be unsatisfied with blue collar jobs and would focus on taking the American white collar jobs too.
    Sometimes the obvious needs saying, polticians are not deep or long term thinkers. They readily adopted the University of Chicago's flawed economic theories and allowed these ideas to combine with deeply flawed corporate governance adding de-regulation and no enforcment.
    This recession is for the long term and the result is your generation's problem, GenX, GenY and Milleniums.



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