Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight's LOST Looks Awesome

Tonight's LOST episode is Richard-centric so fans of the show might finally get some of the answers about the island we've been waiting for. Feel free to use this thread for all LOST related topics. Angel and I are big LOST fans!


  1. Maybe Richard was a lawyer in his past life. hmmmm...

    Or I guess maybe he's one in his alternate universe life. double hmmmm...

  2. Wow! That was the best episode of the season, period!

  3. I was on the God damn phone with a client the whole time. I just wanted her to shut UP! Now I have to watch it on the computer. Damn.

  4. HardKnocks, how can you say that?

    I don't know a person, male or female, who wasn't about to tear up when Jack said "in my eyes, you can never fail."

    Guess maybe that was just "moment" of the season but not necessarily the best episode.

    Get LOST!

  5. Are any of the characters in LOST attorneys? I was halfway through the first season, but then I got very busy.

  6. A good number of the main characters on LOST are actually outlaws. I can't think of any who are attorneys.

    Archangel, I love the mythology of the island and its "original" inhabitants before the Losties arrived (Jacob, MIB, Richard, Whitmore, Eloise Hawking). I think their stories are much more interesting than the alternative time lines that have been introduced this season.

  7. I need this question answered for once and for all. Is Richard wearing eye liner? I don't get it.

  8. No. Richard doesn't wear eye liner. He just has really dark eyelashes.

  9. Of all the "main" characters, I would peg Boone as the one most likely to have gone to law school.

    Maybe the U.S. Marshal who was escorting Kate back to America went to law school. For whatever reason, a J.D. gives you strong preference for federal agent positions. Lots of FBI are former prosecutors.

    As for peripheral characters, the only ones I can remember are Walt's mother and step-father. I think they were both "BigLaw."



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