Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is College Worth It?

It's that time of year. When you find out whether or not you're accepted into the college of your dreams. Just a little discussion in this clip of "Take Away" on NPR about what that means to families and whether or not it's worth it.



  1. Education is wonderful it's its from a real college (read: not the the Westwood Colleges of the world), you actually learn about things you care about and some practical skills as well, and most importantly, if it's free or nearly free.

  2. "Parents who can't afford their children's dreams."

    There is much wrong with that statement. Namely, the children's dreams part. The kids and thier parents have to be introduced to reality at some point.

  3. You might find this article interesting.

  4. Thanks for the article, Archangel.

  5. Well, when I looked at college I saw it as an escape from an area & life that made me suicidal. If you go to school elsewhere, there's not only the education to consider.

    You learn an area, you get friends. You get ties to a place so if something dire happened to you, you wouldn't instantly have to go back to Mommy & Daddy. Some people don't have family to fall back on.

    If I hadn't moved out of NC, I would be a different person & incredibly depressed, probably in jail or dead by now. I still think going to law school in the area I wanted helped me do the same things so I'd have ties & friends who would try helping if I was in a dire situation. That's what a friend does; a person who wouldn't doesn't get to be MY friend.

    The way I see it, you only live once so you'd better make it count & do what YOU want. Being miserable just begs the question "Why bother?"



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