Saturday, February 13, 2010

Note to Commenters

Thank you to commenters and news visitors. I appreciate the time you put into responding to my thoughts about the legal profession and the economic recession. I also want to thank Angel for allowing me to post on her blog.

Recently, some of my posts have been hijacked by trolls with their own political or racist agenda. I won't stand for it. I'm not going to have Angel's blog turn into a cesspool of insults, racist and anti-Semitic comments, and personal attacks. I don't have the time to respond to trolls who spew racist and socio-economic stereotypes. We welcome opposing views here but we won't stand for flame wars and tit-for-tat BS. If you need a lesson on how to post a civilized and respectful comment, look at posts from some of our regular commenters like Jadz, Nando, and JD Underdog.

If this continues I'll ask Angel to moderate comments for my posts. Regular commenters, I'm sorry you are currently having to deal with this. Hopefully these are just a few flyby trolls who won't be back here on a regular basis.


  1. Thanks for the props. This is a hot topic and I think both sides have merit and passion for their arguments. I'm out to answer these questions for the public.
    -Do we need more law schools?
    -Do people really need to be flocking to law school?
    -Is a legal education worth the price paid?

    Short answer is "no" to all of them. My whole purpose for blogging and commenting is getting to the reasons why.

  2. JD, there are more complex questions that underly your questions. Most of the answers are found in the deep foundational flaws in our educational and social system. One good thing about what Angel called the "educated working class" is that there will be more thinkers from working and middle class families who will write about inequality in the workplace and in our educational system. The recession seems to have blown the lid on the corporatists who rule our country. The corruption has been laid out in plain sight for everyone to see.

  3. I'm so happy that you're enjoying this experience. I think you add a valuable dimension to this blog. Even I would have told people to go to a T14 even though I generally don't suggest people go to law school. "Meeting" you has made me change my mind. So, this type of thing is therapeutic--if nothing else. And I hope that we get our message to those who are on the fence. Keep up the good work! I might just put your name up on there.... should I?

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