Thursday, February 4, 2010

India: A Success Story in Outsourcing!

I nearly fainted when I watched this... between concentrating and trying to understand their accents.  Thanks to a commentator for this lead. Holy Shit.  80K law grads in India a year?????  Dispatching Indian Attorneys to make appearances in American Courts?? I need out of this business. I'm heading of to Hustler's after work to see if I can pole dance or serve cocktails.

Comments from Youtube watchers are always insightful:

I believe American companies are making a mistake by outsourcing. They may think cheaper. But they don't think about their brand's value and name.

It may give you profit for a short period of time. But in the long run you lose your international brand value and name. Don't forget it. Any good businesspeople won't make that mistake.

Example: PriceWaterhouseCooper.


I have a relative who is a lawyer and is unable to find a job. The relative lives in DC by the way.
All that these companies think about are labor costs. They are not concerned about any other thing in the US. Sad!

and my favorite....


and i thought lawyers were safe


  1. How can Indian Lawyers make appearances in the United States? Do Judges admit them pro hac vicie? What kind of visa do they come on? What is the point of becoming an american barred lawyer if you can just go to India and practice law here. I have been taken for a fool.

  2. This is crazy!? What justification do lawfirms have to have Indian people represent corps in court. As if there is no one else in the country that can do that job???? Really, law firms should be ashamed.

    I would deck an Indian if I saw him in court from India. Go back to your own Court System.

  3. Isn't Angel an Indian?

  4. FYI

  5. fucking indians. first IT now law. Oh i guess asians are smarter huh?

    tired of the same old bullshit tripe.

  6. Not smarter.. CHEAPER.

  7. Disgusting. I want to know how they can do this without being licensed. What is wrong with this country? We're making other countries rich at our expense. We're going to be a third world country before long and the former third world countries are going to be Super Powers. I just don't understand what is wrong with people!



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