Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nando on the Radio!

You may love him or hate him, but it's undeniable that he has something to say... and Nando of Third Tier Reality said it loud and clear on a Toledo Radio Station called "The Nookular Opton."  You can listen to his radio interview here--I think it starts at about 18:00.  He makes some really good points and covers everything from document review to NYLS to the ABA's outsourcing opinion.  Give it a listen when you get a chance!


  1. Thanks for the plug, Angel. On a side note, it is funny that I decided to feature Toledo's law school on my blog last week, and then I get interviewed at a station based out of the University of Toledo.

    We are starting to get some media attention - and this is probably why Carolyn Lamm even had to address the opinion piece in the LA Times, in the first place.

  2. I was contemplating putting her on my wall of shame, but I can't considering she's a futile and impotent puppet for the machine and too stupid to know what she does wrong.



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