Friday, February 19, 2010

A Weekend Treat: One Nation. Under Debt. In Stress.

This is a facinating documentary about this Country's Debt Crisis.  We are
the first generation of people to do worse than their parents and this movie
goes into all the reasons why.  If you have some free time, this is definitely
worth watching.


  1. What I take from this is, don't borrow money. It didn't work for the U.S. and it doesn't work for individuals. Very decent program.

  2. That is a great movie.

  3. Oh, I.O.U.S.A.! I love this movie! I saw it when it first came out in the theatre - paid $15 for advance tickets on Fandago and now it's on the Internet for free?! ;)

    P.S. I'm the anon poster at 9:54 from yesterday. I just want to say thanks to you and all your readers for the kind comments. I really need to keep my spirits up and some days it is just so hard...that's why it's so great to find blogs like this so I know I'm not the only one going through all of this (the student loan debt, underemployment/unemployment/temporary employment, mental anguish!)

  4. Hi anon poster at 9:54 from yesterday ;-) I hope you stop by regularly. Blogging has been therapeutic for me and these blogs provide all of us support when we feel all alone in our job search/frustration with student loans/law schools and the legal profession in general, etc. Angel and I look forward to seeing more of you here.

    I've never heard of this documentary but I'll try to watch it when I have the time. Thanks for posting the movie, Angel.

  5. Agreed on the above commenters. I don't know about you all, but for a long time I felt completely frustrated, isolated, ashamed, and alone regarding my post-law school experience. It was much better when I found these blogs and realized I wasn't alone, not by a long shot. It was especially comforting to hear how most peoples' stories and feelings mirrored mine completely, it was almost uncanny.



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