Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is the payrate?????

Need Several reviewers to work on a project in Northern NJ. Ideal candidate would be someone who currently resides in NJ and can easily commute. 20 minute drive from Newark NJ. Must be admitted in U.S. If you have any pharmaceutical review experience, please indicate that when you submit your resume, although not required.

Payrate yet to be determined.

Please email resumes to me: skim@yorkson.com

Best Regards,
Sara Kim
Sr. Dir. of Legal Recruiting
Tel: (212) 265-1400 x206
Fax: (212) 265-1441
Yorkson Legal, Inc.
Legal Staffing & Recruiting
136 East 57th Street
Suite 1201 (12th floor)
New York, NY 10022

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This was brought to my attention by a reader who points out an interesting trend, "Payrate yet to be determined."  Determined when?  If you want me to send my resume and commit to a project, shouldn't you commit to a payrate?  I don't get it.  When you see that a rate is tba, is that necessarily bad news?  Why would you want people to contact you that will bail when they hear the rate?  Total disclosure is needed on these sort of things.  It sounds like a bait & switch.  What do you think? 


  1. I think they don't want to list a rate because they think that whatever they list, they might have been able to get people for less.

    So they want to take a look at your resume, try to figure out how desperate you are/what you were willing to settle for in the past, then offer you about 25% less than that.

    They want to low-ball everyone. Shit, they're probably hoping people will write in that they're willing to volunteer.


  2. It might also be that they're battling it out with another staffing agency, let's call them Juristaff. Anyway, Yorkson might keep it flexible that so if Juristaff comes in at 30 bucks and hour, Yorkson can counter and say "28"!! I don't know too many details about the bidding process law firms go through, and whether law firms call agencies up and say "well, Juristaff just told me they can do 27." But I know the agencies compete with each other on pricing.

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  4. Archangel???? :( Does that make you my nemesis?

  5. More like $22 vs. $23. I've heard about this project.

  6. Didn't mean it that way, but hey, why not? Everyone needs a nemesis (or... arch-nemesis?). Gives your life purpose. Cops need criminals. Every yin needs a yang. lol.

    I usually post as darkwing duck on one of your friends' blogs. That alias makes no sense for your blog. have a fun 2010. :)

  7. Yep! They have to be gaming the applicants' desperation or the stinginess of the law firm. They're just keeping all the cards in their hand.

  8. Be wary of Yorkson legal and the illustrious Sara Kim. She is quite ruthless. I have a voicemail from her cursing me out from 6:30AM!!! If not convinced please follow the link. Please be aware that some commemts made by people in the following blog are inflammator.


  9. I have recently worked with Ms. Sara Kim of Yorkson. I flew in from out of state and spent 5 days in a hotel for a series of "great" interviews. After the interviews she failed to communicate the outcome, return my calls or emails. She is unprofessional and an utter waste of time. As stated by some many others and her reputation--just stay away.

  10. She is nasty and very unprofessional compare her other colleagues.

  11. Be very cautious as to having Yorkson Legal in NYC help you with your job hunt. I will not deal with Sara Kim. Yorkson employees do not look at your resume to place you in the right position, based on your skills. I had one of their employees tell me about a position and she responded: "I haven't heard back from my client either so that isn't a good sign." She only tried with one of her clients.



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