Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time to Celebrate!

6000 Visitors (in America)! Well, it's been more than that, since I started keeping track in November and the blog was started in September! Thank you, readers! I really enjoy keeping this blog and I hope that I've helped some of you in the tiniest little way.


  1. In about 18 months, maybe Doug will join the 6000 club. COngrats, Angel!

  2. To all readers:

    If you want to be a lawyer, then go to law school and become one. Don't let a blog like this discourage you.

  3. Thanks for the PSA, Dean. Don't you have enough money, you wretched animal?

  4. Congrats, Angel. This is an excellent blog. Thank you for your honesty.

  5. To anyone even considering law school:

    The author of this blog was in Biglaw for some years, and has been a lawyer for about a decade. She is now currently reviewing documents.

    If you want to be smart, make certain you get a full-tuition scholarship (and limit your living expenses) or get into an elite law school - where your grades will not matter quite as much, in your search a good-paying job. Or make sure you have legal/business employment lined up with a friend, relative, or political/business connection BEFORE going to law school. Or if you want to struggle to pay bills, buy a house/pay rent, and other living expenses, then ignore this advice and enjoy paying off your "investment" for the next 30 years.

    And ignore the industry shrill at 7:05. This person is likely making money off the law school racket, i.e. he or she may work in a law school. Trust is earned through honesty, candor and one's actions.

    The law schools simply want your money. If you cannot find a legal job or pay back your loans, they DO NOT CARE. They already made their money off you, and are busy recruting the next batch of victims/students.

  6. Congrats Angel on your wonderful blog

  7. I like the fish and commentary.



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