Thursday, January 14, 2010

Isn't It Ironic?

So, I've been unemployed for several months now.  And I have gotten a few prescriptions at full price waiting for Blue Cross to send me my new insurance cards.   I've been patient.  I paid my first premium to ADP which handles the payments for COBRA, and I expecting to get the cards... in 45 days or so from payment.  Instead, I got another bill for my next payment to ADP. What?

I called ADP.  IRONICALLY, the company that handles my COBRA payments has a call center in India. Just so you know, COBRA is for unemployed people.  I can imagine there's someone that lost their call center job in Idaho because their company decided to ship the call center to India. I was peeved that this happened my my job wasn't actually outsourced to India (yet).  I wouldn't complain as much if they did an adequate job.  But somewhere in India, someone forgot to tell Blue Cross that I paid the premium.  And the Indian couldn't help me, except to tell me that I should contact Blue Cross because they somehow were at fault.

I contacted a lovely midwestern gal named Crissy who made it her business to make things right.  Initially, she said they they received nothing from ADP and I was currently uninsured.   That was a couple of days ago.  Today, she called me personally to tell me that she fixed the problem (which stemmed from someone dropping the ball in Bangalore) and my insurance cards were on the way.  Thanks Crissy!

Oh yah... My sink in the kitchen was leaking something awful yesterday.  I imagine the undocumented workers who were hired to renovate my unit did some shoddy work.
I'm not joking about undocumented, either.  One time, a neighbor called the cops on a homeless man that harassed people entering and leaving the building. Upon the cop's arrival, the undocumented workers (who were working in the courtyard) literally ran away from the building.   They ran down the block and around the corner.  All 10 of them.  I guess they thought the INS had come for them. It was quite a funny scene.

Excuse me... I digress.  I called my plumber to come down and fix the leak.  He had fixed within 45 minutes. I gave him a check for $212.30 (with tax).

I wish I was a plumber.  I only command $32/hour.


  1. First-time, long-time. This is a well-written blog. I, like you, am an unemployed attorney, so I sympathize.

    I part ways with you at the swipe at the call center person dropping the ball in Bangalore. I'm sure there was a fumble. Hopefully the incompetent person lost their job and the chaivada received a promotion. However, I do not see any correlation in competence between location of the customer rep. A person is just as likely to drop the ball or make a helmet catch in Boise as in Bangalore. A dumbfuck is a dumbfuck. In fact, there are plenty of them in this country, especially in flyover country.

    Let us not forget the insurance companies' bottom line. When Matasar and Access Group orders a hit on Angel the Lawyer, for her effectiveness in dissuading law school applicants, and she has to go to St. Vincent's (while being glad in ambulance she's insured), she finds out she is actually uninsured because Blue Cross orders its Bangalore reps to drop people from its rolls, despite receiving insurance premiums.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. LMAO! I will not be going to St. Vincent's anytime soon... so no danger. I'll be happy if I can afford a trip to Kings Dominion or Six Flags.

    Point taken. I dumb fuck is indeed a dumb fuck... no matter if it's Ms. Brown or Ms. Patel.

  3. And on that note ADP has un-outsourced their COBRA call center to Florida, and the people in Florida are even less helpful than Ms. Patel (same experience here, ADP says they sent everything to Kaiser for COBRA, Kaiser says they got nada).



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