Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Between the Election Last Week and Talk of a New Public Law School, Massachusetts Can Sink Into the Ocean for All I Care!

Unfortunately, not enough of it rests on the coast. As you may know from my previous posts, the Massachusetts Board of Education is going to vote on whether or not to acquire a toilet unaccredited Law School in the southeastern part of the state. The goal is to turn it into a Public Law School. Being prescient, I say that their approval is imminent.

Anyhoo, ran into this article that states the obvious--that Massachusetts may not need a state-owned "cheaper" law school. Mr. Sawyer cites the dearth of jobs for lawyers, which is becoming common knowledge. Of course, his primary point is that the shitty 4th Tier schools in the area are decrying Massachusetts' purchase most loudly. I guess they don't want the competition. By the way, when I said cheaper, I meant $23K a year--So it's not exactly cheap.

I have been covering this issue since October. At some point the Mass. Treasurer stated that Massachusetts cannot afford to buy this unaccredited school formerly known as Southern New England School of Law in North Dartmouth. But since October, all talks have gone south and it looks like Massachusetts wants to get in on the action. I guess I can't blame them since law schools are extremely profitable. The biggest reason cited previously, was that Southeastern portion of the state was not adequately serviced by Law Schools. Law Students in that region have long commutes to the 8 private law schools in other parts of the state. Furthermore, proponents in government argued, every state should have a public school option and Mass of Chew Shits doesn't.

Going back to the article, the author mistakenly says that the New Toilet School of Law of Southeastern Mass may be able to service public interest and small rural solo practices. Yah, right. The Harvard Law Grads won't give public interest jobs up... and I'm sure there are plenty o'solos in the countryside of Massachusetts.

So, thanks Massachusetts for contributing to the problem and fucking over your citizens who want to go to law school, as well as smearing your public university's good name with a shit law school. Good move! I expect this kind of behavior from Domino's, but not the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


  1. You are so wrong. Southern New England School of Law has been around for a long time and has been producing competent attorneys for many years. It's going through a potential change in management, but that doesn't really change the numbers of attorneys produced. Although, we're not permitted to sit for the bar in Mass., we are free to take the bar exam in California. So, whether this school is a UMass related or not, is not going to make a difference regarding the "problem".

  2. That friend of mine from undergrad that just got on counsel at a corporation you seemed interested in went to Southern New England. So it worked out for him. That being said, I always wondered how he got in/got through law school. Either he's preternaturally calm, or always on something.

  3. So, pot you think? Most lawyers are on coke or booze.



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