Thursday, November 12, 2009

Minority Law Student Numbers are Dropping! Good for Them!

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a minority... although I am brown, I am considered "White". I don't make the rules and I don't get it, but that's the fact. In any case, my heart says that I am ECSTATIC for minority students. I ran across this article wherein the Director of New York State Division of Human Rights is ALARMED that the number of minority Law Students has decreased by as much as 9.2%. I say, touché!

For once, minorities will end up on top because they MUST have realized the mistake of going to Law School. I know that schools will throw money at them to fix their numbers for USNWR purposes.

And frankly, as a minority, I don't think that law school is for us. Frankly, my brain works very different than an old man in a robe's brain. It's not worse or better, but different. I've felt this way my whole life. Or maybe it's minorities' general lack of resources (i.e. lawyer parents, family law libraries, etc.)

Law Schools bend over backwards to get minorities in and it's not working. I could not be happier.


  1. Yes, they make sure that people of color are prominently featured in their glossy admissions brochures so that another minority will say, "Look, a brother is there, so it must be a loving and accepting place!"

  2. I was the token minority girl in my school. I would literally be pulled into photo ops from the hall and if you look at the website for my school... there are STILL pics of me up there. Look, brown girl. We're brown girl friendly!

  3. If you are brown how are you considered white ??

  4. Exactly, David! I have no idea. All I know is that I was a minority my whole life and then I figured out in recent years that I don't count as a minority.

  5. Thanks for putting this entry on your blog, Angel. I know that Drake sure played up its minority representation. Just look at any law school brochure - those stats are also featured prominently on law school websites.

    During my first year, one classmate noted that he was the only Puerto Rican student in the entire law school. But, I am aware that there was at least one more Puerto Rican student who was admitted the year after ours. Maybe the law school realized they needed another token.

    If minorities are realizing that law school is bullshit and a terrible investment, this is very telling. After all, some schools tend to throw money at minority law students.

  6. Angel, anyone looking at your picture might mistaken you for a Latina or a light skinned black Iman, no kidding :) You are right, my thinking would be completely different on some important issues regarding equality and discrimination than some older white male in a robe who's been part of the greasy boys club for years since I am a double minority (asian & gay), lived in the projects until I was 10, but managed to get out. I know because I've seen how some judges behave and act on the bench. How could they possibly know or understand where I'm coming from, or where any minority is coming from? But that's the beauty of having some minorities entering the profession. Eventually you'll have a Sotomayor on the bench...that's a very good thing.



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