Monday, November 2, 2009

Is Ralph Nader Losing it?

I saw Ralph Nader speak about 12 years ago. I think he was running for President or somethingI appreciate him for making our vehicles safer and I do think of him every time I click my seat belt. I remember being a little disappointed at the Great Public Advocate because I sensed he was losing it. Yes, 12 years ago he appeared a little bit senile. I ran across this and, now, I know he's lost it. He visited his alma mater, Harvard Law, to promote his book: Only the Super Rich Can Save Us. Yes, Mr. Grassroots thinks that the educated and enlightened super elite of this world may be able to save us. Well, not really. He claims this book is a Utopian ideal. But, still a little nuts. The problem with entrusting the earth's future to the elite is that they cannot help the rest of the world without adversely affecting their interests. For example, a healthy company that makes excellent profits cannot possibly be fair to it's employees (with high wages and benefits) without cutting into its profits. That's why the stock market is doin so well, but unemployment remains high. A strong company is one that employees less, not more, citizens. But, I guess he can dream. Or he can be senile. Old people say the darndest things.
He also had
a few things to say about Harvard Law. He thinks that the legal system is being corroded or, in his Alzheimers way, "The law is being evaded, circumvented, destroyed, and mocked," Nader said. "What's your indignation level? We're not dealing with trivia here--we're dealing with our country."

Yah, what he said.

I think he feels it is the responsibility of law schools and law students to challenge injustice in the U.S.A. I have my own gripes about law school, but I don't have standards nearly as high as Mr. Nader's. I would happy if law schools produced lawyers that could practice directly out of law school. Or, if law schools pumped graduates into a field that paid and living wage. If I can't get what I'm asking for, than Mr. Nader can hold his breath.


  1. I can see Nader fighting for many of the ripped off consumers of the law school scam. Wouldn't he frown upon the practices of many TTT diploma mills that inflate salary and job placement stats?

    PS-I cast a vote for the Barr-Baldwin-McKinney-Nader ticket in 2008.

  2. I voted for Nader the time before. I guess it was 2004. :)



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